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SBYRW : 32318

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the Officers mess in Wellington Barracks, Halifax, Canada in 1896. It shows, in the rear row, f rom left to right, Captain R.G. Chase, Lieutenant A.S. Turner, 2nd Lieutenant W.R.E. Annesley and 2nd Lieutenant E.J. Neve; in the 2nd row, ? standing Lieutenant H. M. Finch, Lieutenant and Quartermaster Mr J.H. Redstone, 2nd Lieutenant T.C. Hincks, 2nd Lieutenant O. Striedinger, Lieutenant H. Fitz Herbert, Captain J.R. Wigan, Lieutenant L.F.A. Barlow, Lieutenant F.W. Foley, Lieutenant D.B. Maurice, Lieutenant W.R.P.K. Betty, Captain A.S. Cave, Major C. Evans-Gordon, Colonel W.A. Collings, Major C.M. Edwards, Major G. De la M .Faunce and, seated at the front , 2nd Lieutenant H.C. Ellis, Lieutenant E.G. Lees and 2nd Lieutenant A.G. Macdonald.

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SBYRW : 32324

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the Officers' mess in Wellington Barracks, Halifax, Canada in 1897. In the rear row, left to right, are Lieutenant L.F.A. Barlow, 2nd Lieutenant R.F. Harvey, 2nd Lieutenant T.C. Hincks, Lieutenant E.G. Lees, 2nd Lieutenant A.W.Coxon, 2nd Lieutenant A.C. Ellis. Standing in the 2nd row are Major C. Evans-Gordon, Captain A.S. Cave, Captain H.E. Taylor, Lieutenant G. H. Arthbutnot, Lieutenant and Quartermaster Mr. J.H. Redstone, Major C.M. Edwards, 2nd Lieutenanr E.J. Neve, Captain A.J.W. Dowell, 2ndLieutenant W.R.E. Annesley, Lieutenant and Adjutant D.B. Maurice. Seated at the front are Lieutenant J.G.R. Walsh, 2nd Lieutenant A.G. Macdonald, Lieutenant W.R.P.K. Betty, Captain J.R. Wigan, Lieutenant Colonel W.A. Collings, Major G.M. Faunce, Lieutenant H.M. Finch, Lieutenant A.S. Turner and Captain R.G. Chase

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SBYRW : 32330

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the Officers at Bulford Camp during the Salisbury Manoeuvres in 1899 showing, in the rear row from left to right, 2nd Lieutenant Pierce, Captain H.L. Lee, Lieutenant T.C. Hincks, Captain A.J.W. Dowell, Captain A.S. Cave, Captain Beresford (Staff officer), Lieutenant A.G. Macdonald, Lieutenant E.G. Lees and Captain G.H. Arbuthnot.; sitting, are Captain H.E. Taylor, Lieutenant W.R.E. Annesley, Captain and Adjutant W.R.P.K. Betty, Lieutenant Colonel F.C. Carter, Colonel Clements (Staff Officer), Major E.H. Burney, Captain R.G. Chase and Lieutenant C.G. Hill; sitting, in the front, are 2nd Lieutenant G.P.S. Hunt and Lieutenant A.C. Ellis.

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SBYRW : 32336

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the officers in South Barracks at Gibraltar in 1901. It shows, in the rear row from left tp right. 2nd Lieutenant H.A. Burgess, 2nd Lieutenant J.D. Greenshields, Captain E.H. Blunt, Lieutenant T.C. Hincks and Lieutenant T.E.C. Hunt. In the 2nd row, standing, are Lieuteant A.G. Macdonald, 2nd Lieutenant H.L. Stevens, Captain W.R.P.K. Betty, Captain A.S. Cave, Lieutenant W.R.E. Annersley, Captain G.H. Arthbuthnot, Captain J.R. Wigan and Lieutenant C. Pierce. Sitting are Captain A.J.W. Dowell, Captain R.G. Chase, Major W.K. McClintock, Colonel F.C. Carter, Major C.M. Edwards, Lieutenant and Quartermaster Mr J.H. Redstone and Lieutenant A. W. Coxon.. In the front row, sitting,.are 2nd Lieutenants A.W. Norris, A.M. Holdsworth, C. Bartlett and L.H. Birt.

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SBYRW : 33305

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the Sergeants Mess in October 1909 in Ireland. It shows in the rear row from left to right Sergeants Moring, Hanney, Pioneer Sergeant Godden, Sergeants Justice, Brooks, Harrowing, Franklin, Colour Sergeant Lapworth, Sergeant Fullbrook, L/Sergeant Grave and Sergeant Drummer Bradish. In the middle row from left to right are Sergeants Hutton, Waller, Denham, King, Doubleday, L/Sergeant Bolton, Sergeant Jewson, Sergeant Bodie, Colour Sergeant Harvey and Sergeant Minchin the front row, again left to right.Sergeant Borton, Colour Sergeant Forster, Colour Sergeant I.M. Reed, Sergeant Major Batt, Lieutenant Colonel A.J.W. Dowell, Captain and Adjutant T.C. Hincks, Bandmaster Harwood Sergeant Belcher, SMI Burridge and Sergeant Barrett.

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SBYRW : 6889

49th Regiment - A sepia group image of the officers in Ireland 1864. The surround to the image states it was taken in India, this is not correct. This image was taken at the same place as [11790]. Only some of these officers have been identified. Rear row] 5th from left Lieutenant McCullan, 6th from left Captain William John Gillespie, 7th from left Lieutenant Edgar Londsale,√?¬† Eighth√?¬† from left Quartermaster Kerridge. [Middle Row]√?¬† Sat far left Sergeant Major Parr, Sat 2nd from left Captain√?¬† William Watts Corban, Sat 6th from Left Major Thomas Priauix St George Armstrong, Sat 3rd from Left Paymaster√?¬† Henry Seymour Michelle. [Front Row] 3rd from left Captain Thomas Cowper Hincks. 5th from the left Lieutenant√?¬† George Shirley.√?¬†

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