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SBYRW : 24827

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A copy of a colour photograph showing a bayonet fighting team in 1911. Left to right standing are Privates Field and Eggleton, Corporal Potter (team leader) and Private Webb. Sitting are Private Dore, Sergeant Waters (Instructor) and Private Grubb. By 1916, Sergeant 5575 Arthur George Waters had been promoted to Company Sergeant Major; he was Killed in Action on the 24th July 1916.

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SBYRW : 33296

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the Battalion signallers in Ireland in 1907. It shows, in the top row from left to right, Privates Tagg, Savegar, Minhall, Jackson, Hawkes, Burrett, Shlirmer, Drury, Dovey, Cheeter and Candy. In the 2nd row from left to right are L/Corporals Grey, Johnson, Privates Horton, Hahiver, Grubb, Newman, Sherwin, Barnett, Homer, Handley, Fisher and Holliman and, in the bottom row from left to right are Private Blackburn, L/Corporal Smith, L/Corporal Price, L/Sergeant Vesey (Assistant Instructor), 2nd Lieutenant E.A.B. Orr (Signalling Officer), Corporal Waller, L/Corporal Bligh and Private Bradbury.

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SBYRW : 33297

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the Battalion signallers in Ireland in 1910. In the rear row from left to right are Private Theobald, Private Tagg, L/Corporal Peake, Private Everett, Private Lawrence, Private Prouting, L/Corporal Blagrove, Private Pritchard, Private Davison, Private Griffen, Private Louch and Private Titchener. Standing from left to right are Private Grubb, Private Minhall, Private Passingham, Private Young, Sergeant Waller, Lieutenant E.A.B. Orr, Lieutenant R.B.L. Harvey, Corporal Bligh, Private Mathews, Private Larcombe, L/Corporal Hahner, Private Coxhead. Sitting from left to right are Private Walker, L/Corporal Day, Private Mackenzie, Private Taylor, Private Gravestock, Private Wallis, Private Russ and L/Corporal Perrin.

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SBYRW : 33313

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of ?A? Company in Ireland believed to have been taken about 1909. This image is named but the exact location of each soldier is not clear, although the names commence in the rear row and go from left to right: L/Corporal Loynes, Privates Wells, Smith, White. Foote, L/Corporal Woodbridge, Privates Rose, Sumner, Titcombe, L/Corporal Hamilton, Private Talbot, L/Corporal Blissett, L/Corporal Carter, Privates Pither, Price, Mulcock, Harris, Woodley, Taylor, Exell, Dines, Wall, L/Corporal Jones, Privates Stamp, Shephard, Bowers, Talbot, Fisher, Webb, Messenger, Thomas, Meddings, Taylor, Corporal Wells, L/Corporal Bennett, Privates Chapman Litchfield, , Way, Grubb, Austin, Stevens, Knibbs, Riddle, Howard, Johnson, Adamson, L/Corporal Carpenter, Privates Lovegrove, Slatter, L/Corporal Wakefield, Privates Tagg, Huntley, L/Corporal Weaver, Sergeant Connolly, Colour Sergeant Godfrey, Bandmaster Mr Barwood, Captain Gossett, Lieutenant Hopkins, Quarter Master Sergeant Boshell, Sergeant Cornish, Corporal Hatton, Corporal Way, Private Cobbett, Private Saxton, Boy Connolly, Private Giles and Private Butler

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SBYRW : 8916

66th Regiment - A sepia portrait photo of Major General Grubbe in civilian clothes around 1865; he was Colonel of the Regiment Photographer; Southwell Brothers, 16 and 22 Baker Street, London

Person(s): Grubbe;

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