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SBYRW : 19570

15th Infantry Training Centre - A black and white photo of the Warrant Officers and the Sergeants at the Centre which trained recruits for the Gloucestershire and the Wiltshire Regiments before the 2nd World war - the photo is taken in either 1937 or 1938

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SBYRW : 33936

1st/4th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia group photograph of the officers at Chelmsford in December 1914. In the rear row from left to right are Lieutenant Gedge, 2nd Lieutenant E.P. Carter, Lieutenant G.H.W. Crutwell, Lieutenant G. Moore, Lieutenant R.W. Poulton-Palmer, 2nd Lieutenant C.R.N. Crutwell, 2nd Lieutenant G.S. Field, Captain F.A. Willink, Lieutenant W.L.E,. Gordon, Lieutenant Palmer, Lieutenant S.J.N. Auld, 2nd Lieutenant G.M. Garthorne-Hardy, Lieutenant S. Boyle and Captain E.S. Holcroft. Seated, from left to right, are Captain G.A. Battcock, Captain R. Clarke, 2nd Lieutenant C.D.R. Sharpe, Lieutenant Colonel Oswald Pearce-Serocold, Major F.R. Hedges, Captain J.L.Aldworth, Captain C.A.L. Lewis and Captain H.U.H. Thorne. In the front, agan from left to right, are 2nd Lieutenant J.H. Goolden, 2nd Lieutenant Joyce, 2nd Lieutenant A.C. Hughes, 2nd Lieutenant Blandy, 2nd Lieutenant R. Lund, Lieutenant O.B. Challenor and 2nd Lieutenant Attride. [Note that this Battalion's designation was changed from the 4th Battalion to the 1st/4th in September 1914]

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SBYRW : 37475

Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the British Modern Pentathlon Team in the 1920 Olympics. It shows Captain H Boustead MC (Gordon Highlanders), Lieutenant Edward Gordon Gedge MC (Royal Artillery), Squadron Leader Clarke (RAF) MC, Captain T H Wand-Tetley (Wiltshire Regiment) Captain H. Daniels VC (Reserve),Captain Low DSO, MC (Team Manager) and Lieutenant Jeffries (Reserve). Of these, Lieutenant Gedge is sitting on the front on the ground [Note Each member of the team competed in all the following events. 1. Running (3 Miles), 2. Riding over a 4 Miles Point-to-Point course, 3. Swimming (300 Yards), 4. Revolver Shooting, 5. Fencing with the Epee. Lieutenant Gedge was born in 1895, retired from the Artillery in 1920 and died in 1991.

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SBYRW : 7793

Wiltshire Regimental Depot - A black and white photo of No 15 Infantry Training Centre Warrant Officers and Senior NCOs, taken as the Centre was about to be disbanded in October 1946 - 2 copies

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