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SBYRW : 19570

15th Infantry Training Centre - A black and white photo of the Warrant Officers and the Sergeants at the Centre which trained recruits for the Gloucestershire and the Wiltshire Regiments before the 2nd World war - the photo is taken in either 1937 or 1938

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SBYRW : 25003

3rd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photocopy of a photograph (Copyright), from a newspaper, showing a guard of honour from the Battalion being inspected by Viscount French together with General Sir Bryan Mahon in Dublin 1918. Private11979 Harry David Wimblett is fourth from the right.

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SBYRW : 41621

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment ? A sepia photograph of the Machine Gun Company (?D?) soccer team, winners of the Alexandria area six-a-side tournament held on New Year's Day 1931. It shows,, standing,from lrft to right, Corporal Lawley, Private French, Corporal Oakley, Corporal Clifford snd Sergeant Brett; seated;. again left to right, are Private Coleman, WO 2 (CSM) Rose, Private Jones 58 and L/Corporal Hands.

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SBYRW : 42314

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A digital sepia photograph of Viscount French boarding a ship at Kingtown, Ireland after his farewell as Viceroy of Ireland in 1921. The troops providing the Guard of Honour of 160 men were from the Battalion.

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SBYRW : 7793

Wiltshire Regimental Depot - A black and white photo of No 15 Infantry Training Centre Warrant Officers and Senior NCOs, taken as the Centre was about to be disbanded in October 1946 - 2 copies

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