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SBYRW : 28459

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the Athletic team who were the winners of the 2nd Infantry Brigade Athletic meeting in 1935. (rear row Left to Right) L/Corporal Hatton, Privates Hall, Smith, Evans, Tanner, L/Corporal Felgate, Private Taylor. (second row) Signaller Gray, Bandsman Calloway, Private Shorey, L/Corporal Cainey, Boy Rogers, Private Cainey, Boy Wells, Boy Leaman, Private Weeks. (third row) L/Corporal Willis, L/Corporal Beaver, Private Legg, Boy Shergold, Privates Lawrence, Joyce, Hatherly, L/Corporal MacNaught-Davis, Signaller Hill, Private Beatty, Corporal Read. (front row) Privates Smith, McCormack, L/Corporal Fenton, Corporal Hemus, 2nd Lieutenant Woolnough, 2nd Lieutenant Hoare, L/Corporal Milen, L/Corporal Howard-Jones, L/Corporal Rapson. Boy Rogers later served in the 2nd World War where he was awarded the Victoria Cross in Italy. He was killed in action at the same time.

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SBYRW : 42555

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white group photograph of the team who were the winners of the 2nd Infantry Brigade Athletic Cup, the Runners up of Aldershot Command, and 4th in the Army Inter-Unit Championships, Talavera Barracks, Aldershot in 1936. It shows, in the rear row, from left to right: L/Corporal Haldron, Drummer Dale, Boy Leaman, Private Garrick, Boy Rogers, L/Corporal Milner and Private Barthram. In the middle row are Private Willis, L/Corporal Cainey, Private Chastfield, L/Corporal Rapson, Private Hatherley, Drummer Jones, Corporal McNaught-Davis, Private Pavey, Private Shorey and Sergeant Churn. Seated from left to right are Bandsman Taylor, Signalman Hill, Bandsman Calloway, L/Corporal Milen, 2nd Lieutenant H N Hoare, Captain W E Ludford, 2nd Lieutenant G F Woolnough, Sergeant Hemus, L/Corporal Howard-Jones, L/Corporal Fenton and Private McCormick. [Boy Rogers won the Victoria Cross during the 2nd World War in Italy

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SBYRW : 7378

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photo of the Warrant Officers and Sergeants Mess in Hong Kong in the early 1950s Photographer; Mainland Studio, Kowloon

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