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SBYRW : 13635

1st Bn, Wessex Regiment - A colour photo of 'D' Company's Officers, Warrant Officers and Sergeants on the occasion of visit by the Commanding Officer, probably at Devizes in Wiltshire, on 20th June 1990 Photographer; Borg Photography, Stoke St Michael, Bath

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SBYRW : 13643

1st Bn, Wessex Regiment - A colour photo of 'D' Company's Officers, Warrant Officers and Sergeants, probably at Devizes, around 1991 Photographer; Borg Photography, Stoke St Michael, Bath

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SBYRW : 33720

Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia digital photograph of Private W.G. Butt in 1914-15 in England. His Battalion is not known but is believed to have been a Service Battalion.

Person(s): Butt, W G, Private;

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SBYRW : 34612

30th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white group photograph of ?C? Company at Hamme in Belgium in April 1945. It shows, in the top row from left to right, Privates Henry, Banwick, Johns, Speck, Deakin, Harrison 76, Webster, Jones 63, Bannister, McNiell, Meridith, Dean, Clements, Beroley, Langford, Good, Norris, Mclaren, Sutton, Jones 36, McBride and Tack; in the 2nd row are Privates George, Tanner, Marshall 85, Thorsby, Crocker, Bird 71, Clinton, Ayres, Bird, Pratley, Canning, Moors, Gibling, Grant, Marsh, Brown, Perks, Chandle, Dabourn, Shumar, Reed, Stilton and Harrison 12. In the 3rd row from left to right are Privates Walter, Smith 91, Yaks, Deegar, Rothskin, Butter, Hunt, Allen, Marshall 50, Bullard, Baker, O?Neill, Boyd, Fosker, Kemp, Johnson, Howard, Dibb, Mayhew, Robinson, Bullers, Grainger, Taylor and Collins. In the 4th row from left to right are L/Corporals Barrett, Allport, Atkinson, Bradley and Williams, Privates Foss, Addaway, Bailey, Walsh, Stafford, Boyd, Renney, Kemp, Clarke, Howard, Bland, Mayhew, Hodges, L/Corporal Clary, Corporals Hands, Cook, Haines and Smith. Sitting from left to right are Corporals Smith, Thomas, Taylor, Best, Cardy and Smith, Sergeants Monk, Mitchell, Baxter, CSM Stephens, Captain L. Hardy, Major H P Verey TD, Lieutenant J.P. Haines, CQMS Beckett, Sergeants Haynes, Hunt and Hodges, Corporal Morris, Hands, Stevens and Haines, L/Corporal Parsons and Corporal Smith.

Person(s): Verey, H P, Captain; Henry, , Private; Banwick, , Private; Johns, , Private; Speck, , Private; Deakin, , Private; Harrison, , Private; Webster, , Private; Jones, , Private; Bannister, , Private; McNiell, , Private; Meridith, , Private; Dean, , Private; Clements, , Private; Beroley, , Private; Langford, , Private; Good, , Private; Norris, , Private; McLaren, , Private; Sutton, , Privatee; McBride, , Private; Tack, , Private; George, , Private; Tanner, , Private; Marshall, , Private; Thorsby, , Private; Crocker, , Private; Bird, , Private; Clinton, , Private; Ayres, , Private; Pratley, , Private; Canning, , Private; Moors, , Private; Gibling, , Private; Grant, , Private; Marsh, , Private; Brown, , Private; Perks, , Private; Chandle, , Private; Dabourn, , Private; Shumar, , Private; Reed, , Private; Stilton, , Private; Walter, , Private; Smith, , Private; Yaks, , Private; Deegar, , Private; Rothskin, , Private; Butter, , Private; Hunt, , Private; Allen, , Private; Bullard, , Private; Baker, , Private; O'Neill, , Private; Boyd, , Private; Fosker, , Private; Kemp, , Private; Johnson, , Private; Howard, , Private; Dibb, , Private; Mayhew, , Private; Robinson, , Private; Bullers, , Private; Grainger, , Private; Taylor, , Private; Collins, , Private; Barrett, , L/Corporal; Allport, , L/Corporal; Atkinson, , L/Corporal; Bradley, , L/Corporal; Williams, , L/Corporal; Foss, , Private; Addaway, , Private; Bailey, , Private; Walsh, , Private; Stafford, , Private; Renney, , Private; Clarke, , Private; Bland, , Private; Hodges, , Private; Clary, , L/Corporal; Hands, , Corporal; Cook, , Corporal; Haines, , Corporal; Smith, , Corporal; Thomas, , Corporal; Taylor, , Corporal; Best, , Corporal; Cardy, , Corporal; Monk, , Sergeant; Mitchell, , Sergeant; Baxter, , Sergeant; Stephens, , WO2; Hardy, L , Captain; Verey, H P, Major; Haines, J P, Lieutenant; Beckett, , CQMS; Haynes, , Sergeant; Hunt, , Sergeant; Hodges, , Sergeant; Morris, , Corporal; Stevens, , Corporal; Parsons, , L/Corporal;

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SBYRW : 41437

2nd/4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of two soldiers of the Battalion at rest at the race course, Poona, India, in 1915.showing, from left to right, L/Corporal Button, Corporal Davis.

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SBYRW : 42357

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the Warrant Officers and Sergeants mess at Shorncliffe in 1933. It shows, from the rear row from left to right, L/Sergeant L. Bates, L/Sergeant H. Gore, Sergeant J. Webb, L/Sergeant R. Godfrey, and L/Sergeant S. Thorndycroft DCM. In the 2nd row, L/Sergeant W. Rich, L/Sergeant G. Harvey, Sergeant J. Hayllor, Sergeant A. Dennis, Sergeant J. Leeson, Sergeant J. Allen, Sergeant C. Lickman, Sergeant W. Owen, Sergeant T. Walker and Sergeant L. Palmer. In the 3rd row are L/Sergeant F. King, Sergeant J. Clutterbuck, Sergeant I. Adams, Sergeant E. Green, Sergeant B.J. Wear, L/Sergeant G. Skuce, Sergeant W. Young, Sergeant A. Orsgood, L/Sergeant G. Coleman and Sergeant L. Moore. In the 4th Row, again from left to right, are Drum Major F. Tribe, Sergeant A. Millward, Sergeant J. Bromley, Colour Sergeant A. Palmer, Colour Sergeant J. Mayne, Colour Sergeant W. Button, Colour Sergeant F. Dilling MM, C/Sergeant P. Tanner, C/Sergeant F. Stroud, Sergeant J. Grainger, Sergeant W. Harris, Band Sergeant H. Wilkinson. (Front Row L to RE) WO?(CSM) G. Johnson, WO? (CSM) W. Goddard, WO? (CSM) A. Haynes, WO 1 (RSM) P.N. Jones DCM, Lieutenant I.D.H. Helby, Lieutenant Colonel C. St Q.O. Fullbrook-Leggatt, DSO, MC, Major J.H. Sugrue, Bandmaster E.A. Weaver, LRAM, RQMS R.E. Humphries, WO2 (CSM) J. Rizzato and WO2 (CSM) J. Weaver.

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SBYRW : 43540

1st/4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia digital photograph of a guard of honour provided by Trowbridge members of the Pre (1st World War) members of the 4th Battalion, on the occasion of the opening of a new wing at Trowbridge Hospital by The Lord Lieutenant, The Earl of Radnor (Formerly commanding the Battalion). All these Ex soldiers are described as Mr, and where their War time rank is known it is shown in brackets. Back row from left to right are Messrs S. Toon, Watts, R. Doel, E.J. Winney, P. Inglis, R. Blair, A. Poole, K. Gale, H. Say, P. Woods, G. Gray and J. Mead. Centre Row from left to right are R. Brown, W. Hussey, L. Hardy, F. Snaillum, F. Moore, W.G. Cheverill, J. Jones, F. Pitt, A. Taylor, J. Randell and H. Papps. Front row from left to row are G. Linzey, A. Blake, P. Garnett, Lieutenant G. Blick, Major Mackay, Captain A.A. Taylor, E.F. Thomas, J. Flitter, B. Letoria, G. Usher and C. Morgan. Front row from left to right are R) W. Cantello, W. Butt, S. Cockayne, E. Bewley and E. Smith. [Lieutenant George Blick wrote the history of the 1st/4th during the 1st World War which was published in 1933]

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SBYRW : 7015

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photo of the Battalion Corporals at Crownhill Barracks, Plymouth around 1924. Photographer; Gale and Polden Ltd., Aldershot (Copyright)

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SBYRW : 7016

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photo of 'B' Company at Crownhill Barracks, Plymouth around 1924. Photographer; Gale and Polden Ltd. Aldershot (Copyright) -

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SBYRW : 7625

2nd/4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photo of the Signals Section at Jalapahar, Darjeeling, India in July in 1917

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