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SBYRW : 16923

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white portrait photo of Lieutenant Claude Eernest Birch who was born 29 July 1967, in Undress Uniform in1897; he served with the Frontier Police in Sierra Leone from 1895 to 1897 and then became a District Commisioner, retiring in 1906

Person(s): Birch, C E;

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SBYRW : 18327

4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of 'B' company at Annual Camp in the Regiment's Bi-Centenary Year in 1956 at Le Marchant Barracks, Devizes Photograoher; Houlton Bros, Fores Street, trowbridge

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SBYRW : 18333

4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photo of a Bi-Centenary Parade Rehearsal at HMS Raleigh, Plymouth, in 1956 showing No 4 Company Photographer; Arcadian Photos, 184, Grenville Road, Plymouth

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SBYRW : 18342

4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photo of 'B' Company's Rifle Team at the Battalion Rifle Meeting in 1956 with the various trophies they had won Photographer; F W C Merritt, Tawsmead, 19 Eastleigh Road, Devizes, Wiltshire

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SBYRW : 29713

7th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the officers outside Shire Hall, Reading in 1915 showing, in the back row, Lieutenants H.D. Mosley, A.E.W. Butler, F.B. Cobden, G.J.H. Walls, H.J.C. Neobard, C.N.C. Field, L.J. Banks, J.L. Killick, Hanney, A.D. Breach, in the third row, Lieutenants V.H. Watney, G.F. Bate, Captain Dodd (Padre), Lieutenants W.G.S. Curpley, R.N. Treadwell, R.A.B. Chancellor, H.E. Fletcher, Captain (QM) G. Casey, Lieutenants H.H. Grundtvig, J. Butler, G.G.C. Piggott, H.A.R. Donkin, P.H. Williams, A.K. Barrett (Medical Officer), in the second row, Lieutenants F. Collins, F.W.C. Baker, J.B. Marks, 2nd/Lieutenant A.N. Other, Lieutenants S.H. Troup, H.C. Elphick, G.H. Hale, E.B. Matthews, S.S. Pike, A. Stuart, Captain W.P. Collins and, in the front row, Lieutenants G.W.R. Bray, G.A. Cunnew, Captains T. Close, R.B. Gillespie, Major C.E. Birch, Lieutenant Colonel R.E.T. Bray, Captain J.M. Eldridge, Captain L. Marton, Captain H.B. Morony, Captain F. Gill, Lieutenant T.V. Booth-Jones.

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SBYRW : 35753

Newbury Company, Berkshire Home Guard - A black and white digital group image of the Welford Park Platoon at the front of Welford House. (Rear Row L to R) Privates L. Smith, S. Fisher, C. Allen, Percy Sampson, G. Sprules, H. Sprules, J. Smith, J. Shaw Jack Lookern, E. Herbert. ((middle row L to R) Privates J. Birch, F. Sprules, H. Sheppard J. Brooks, H. Brooks, H. Hunt B. Hillier, G. Martin, F. Perris, G. Gilbert. (Sat L to R) Privates J. Vockins, R. Woodley, E. Birch, Major Hublin, W. Sheppard, C . Birch, E. Haines, B. Smith. Most if not all these men would have been employed on the estate.

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SBYRW : 41042

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia digital image of some of ?B? Company before crossing the Chindwin, November 1944. Among those pictured are Lieutenant Ridley, Sergeants Heywood, and Barrett, Corporals Stowe and Barratt, L/Corporals Horton, Brown, Heath, Sion and Dodd and Privates Murray, Biggington, Baker, Bunn, Elwell, Dodd, Moore, Lacey, Fuller, Thompson, Stewart, Armsby, Rainsford, Allright, Legett and Birch. [We do not know the exact location within the image of each soldier]

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SBYRW : 44311

7th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of a group of unidentified officers believed to be in Wiltshire in 1914. One of these officers is Captain Gentry-Birch, but we do not know which one]

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SBYRW : 44312

7th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of, from left to right, Major C E Birch and Captain T Close. believed to be in Wiltshire in 1914.

Person(s): Birch,C E, Major;

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SBYRW : 6988

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photo of the Battalion on parade in Raglan Barracks, Devonport Summer, 1895 under the command of Lieutenant.-Colonel J G Ponsonby. Photo has top left corner missing. - Officers L to R] Lieutenant A.G. Bingley, 2nd Lieutenant A.H. Bathurst, 2nd Lieutenant C.E. Birch, Major H. Lynch, Captain I.T. Owen, 2nd Lieutenant F. Ready, 2nd Lieutenant R.H. Collins, 2nd Lieutenant Buchanan-Dunlop, 2nd Lieutenant C.H.B. Weston, Captain W.K. McClintock, 2nd Lieutenant H. Street, Captain W.M. Inglis, Lieutenant E.H. Blunt, Captain R.E.T. Bray, Captain G.W. Richards, Captain R.G. Macdonnell, Lieutenant P.W. North, [On right flank] Lieutenant and Quartermaster Mr. Cloke, Sergeant Major Summers.

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SBYRW : 9278

4th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photo of the Sergeants at Wrotham when the Battalion was acting as a Pre-OCTU training establishment; the photo was taken on the occasionof a visit by the Colonel of the Regiment, Major General R J Collins, on Tofrek Day on the 22nd March 1945 Photographer; Gale and Polden, Aldershot - 3 copies

Person(s): Davidson, W, L/Sergeant; Brown, H, L/Sergeant; Horscroft, H, L/Sergeant; Tomkins, W, L/Sergeant; Robinson, D, L/Sergeant; Byrne, W, L/Sergeant; Mooring, F, L/Sergeant; Holmes, F, L/Sergeant; Brooks, A, L/Sergeant; Townley, R, L/Sergeant; Saunders, D, L/Sergeant; Smith, W, L/Sergeant; Rolls, J, L/Sergeant; Eason, L, L/Sergeant; Delo, W, Sergeant; Townsend, L, Sergeant; Hooper, T, L/Sergeant; Constable, A, Sergeant; Stratton, J, Sergeant; Godbold, F, L/Sergeant; Gardner, G, Sergeant; Law, F, L/Sergeant; Reed, N, L/Sergeant; Southern, F, L/Sergeant; Harrison, C, Sergeant; Brown, J, Sergeant; Hutson, E, L/Sergeant; Newman, R, L/Sergeant; Noble, s, L/Sergeant; Main, C, Sergeant; Moody, T, Sergeant; Smith, H, Sergeant; Edwards, H, Sergeant; McCormack, R, L/Sergeant; Nibbs, T, Sergeant; Beddard, S, L/Sergeant; Fuller, A, L/Sergeant; Grieve, W, L/Sergeant; Gold, L, L/Sergeant; Newland, R, Sergeant; Chatfield, F, Sergeant; Hattey, L, Sergeant; Chandler, C, L/Sergeant; Stokes, J, Sergeant; Todd, R, L/Sergeant; Stanley, A, L/Sergeant; Smith, R, Sergeant; Richardson, J, L/Sergeant; Fallowfield, A, L/Sergeant; Smith, A, L/Sergeant; Whymark, C, Sergeant; Hunter, W, Sergeant; McCorkindale, J, Sergeant; Bircham, W, L/Sergeant; Jackson, H, L/Sergeant; Maund, T, Sergeant; Clifton, E, Sergeant; Giles, E, Sergeant; Lawes, S, Sergeant; Hill, G, L/Sergeant; Webb, R, L/Sergeant; Groom, R, L/Sergeant; Ludwig, G, Sergeant; Mitchell, C, L/Sergeant; Reynolds, C, Sergeant; Smithers, M, Sergeant; Ellis, G, L/Sergeant; Green, C, Sergeant; Ricot, E, Sergeant; Braidwood, L, L/Sergeant; Salzman, A, Sergeant; Probert, F, L/Sergeant; Trigg, G, L/Sergeant; Hall, E, Sergeant; Bryant, W, L/Sergeant; Jackson, N, L/Sergeant; Hall, R, Sergeant; Phillips, T, L/Sergeant; Dennison, R, L/Sergeant; Rothwell, J, L/Sergeant; Halestrap, W, L/Sergeant; Millgate, R, L/Sergeant; Fox, V, Sergeant; Choules, W, L/Sergeant; Jones, P, L/Sergeant; Barnett, G, L/Sergeant; Holland, G, Sergeant; Willmott, G, L/Sergeant; Shellard, R, Sergeant; Stokes, S, Sergeant; Barnes,, L/Sergeant; Baugh, L, Sergeant; Selfe, N, L/Sergeant; Hilton, E, Sergeant; Stallwood, Segeant W; Child, W, Colour Sergeant; Mounteney, S, Colour Sergeant; Turner, S, Colour Sergeant; Alcott, E, WO2; Kirby, E, WO2; Foster, Regimental Quarter Master Sergeant,; Taylor, F E A, Lieutenant Colonel; Collins, R J, General; Pullen, G, WO1; Etchells, J, WO1; Green, H, WO2; Shorrock, T, Staff Sergeant; Horn, J, Colour Sergeant; Lawson, L, Colour Sergeant; Freeman, H, Sergeant; Boughey, W, Sergeant;

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