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SBYRW : 28982

5th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the Brigadier, Officers and 1st reinforcements at Hawkhurst, in Kent in May 1944. This group also included 11 Canadian Officers who were attached to the Battalion for the forthcoming invasion of Europe. The following named officers are known to be in this photograph but their exact location is not known: Lieutenant George, Lieutenant F Goddard., Lieutenant G. Baker, Lieutenant D. Keeling, Lieutenant Gardiner, Lieutenant E. Drake, Liuetenant A.Willick, Lieutenant M.Chittenden, Lieutenant T. Wood, Lieutenant Litrizza, Lieutenant Baker, Lieutenant Newton-Clare, Lieutenant J. Sollitt, Lieutenant E. Hooke, Captain W. Newman, Captain Dobby, Lieutenant D. Brown, Lieutenant J. Slatter, Lieutenant B. Bevan, Captain I. Herridge, Captain B. Rundle (GB Brigade), Captain E. Norris, Captain F. Milne, Captain M. Dicker, Captain A. Snell, Major W. Hankey, Major R. Wheatley, Major P. Pearson, Major P. Pearson, Brigadier Mole, Lieutenant Colonel Kenrick, Captain H. Peace, Major Rimmington, Major S, McClintock, Captain Daybell, Captain Field and Captain P. Barber

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SBYRW : 28984

5th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the officers of the Battalion at Hawkhurst in Kent in May 1944 showing (in the rear row left to right) Lieutenant Edwin Laurence. George (KIA 10.7.1944), Lieutenant Goddard, Lieutenant Baker (wounded), Lieutenant Keeling (wounded), Lieutenant Gardiner (wounded), Lieutenant Harry John Drake (KIA 26.8.1944), Lieutenant Willick (wounded), Lieutenant Chittenden (awarded the MC and KIA), Lieutenant Ludford (wounded), Lieutenant Wood (wounded), Lieutenant Lizrizza (wounded), Lieutenant Baker. In the 2nd row (left to right) are Captain Norris (awarded the MC and wounded), Lieutenant N. Clare (awarded the MC and wounded), Lieutenant Solutt ?(wounded), Lieutenant Edward Henry Hooke (KIA 30.6.1944), Lieutenant Robinson (wounded), Captain Newman, Unidentified, Captain Dobby, Lieutenant Brown (wounded), Lieutenant Ronald Ambrose Slater (KIA 13.8.1944), Captain Bevan and Captain Herridge (wounded). Seated in the front row (Left to right) are Captain Milne (awarded the MC and wounded), Captain Sidney Charles Maskell-Dicker (KIA 24.7.1944), Captain Snell (wounded), Major Hankey (KIA), Major Wheatley (awarded the DSO), Major Pearson (promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, awarded the DSO and KIA), Lieutenant Colonel Kenrick,(awarded the DSO and wounded), Captain Pearce (awarded the MC and wounded), Major Rimmimington (wounded), Major McClintock (wounded), Captain Daybell (wounded), Captain E.R.B. Field (awarded the MC and KIA) and Captain Barber (wounded).

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SBYRW : 29191

30th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A mounted black and white photograph of the Officers of the Battalion with names shown below and taken at Portland in 1944. (rear row L to R) Lieutenants F. Pedder, J I Mckie, E F F, Wright, R H C, Fowler, Captain J S, Hopkinson, Major V R, Saffery, Lieutenant J , Montague, Lieutenant A H, Haynes. (Middle row) Captain D C, Hatt, Captain R A, Williams, Lieutenant A G, Beresford, Captain R A, Copley, Lieutenant J P, Haines, Lieutenant F R, Watson, Lieutenant A G, Richie, Captain G G B, Adair. (Front row) Captain E C, Reader, Captain H V, Carwin, Major G H, Southall MC, Major E G, Daglish, Lieutenant Colonel G M F, Prynne, Captain L F, Watkins, Major A W, Bevan, Captain A J, Bedford, Captain J N, Goodson.

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SBYRW : 33334

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of ?F? Company, the winners of the Inter-company football league, hockey shield and shooting shield, in India in 1910. In the top row left to right are Private Titcombe, Drummer White, Sergeant Gash, L/Corporal Gibson, Private Wiggins and Private Maybury. In the 2nd row left to right are Private Jones, L/Corporal Taylor, L/Corporal Price, L/Corporal Hodges, Sergeant Warner, L/Corporal Iisley, Private Bevan, Private Randall, L/Corporal Brand and Private Donovan. Seated left to right are 2nd Lieutenant A.H. Mankelow, Private Inman, Private Vicarage, Private E. Dipper, Private Parker, L/Corporal Overton and Captain W.B. Thornton. In the bottom row from left to right are Privates Grove, Carter, Fishbourne and Simmons. [Sergeant Warner was the winner of the Harvey Cup and Private Maybury the winner of the Battalion shooting cup]

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SBYRW : 36762

4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white group photograph of the MT (Motor Transport) section, Headquarter Company in 1942. In the rear row from left t right are Privates Polden, Everett, Crittle, Bevan, Ford, Rodgman, Long, Collins and Swann. In the 2nd row are Corporal Holbon, Corporal Hazell, Privates Hodges, Thorne, Burton, Lodge, Cannings, Woodbridge, Smith, Stephens, Sanger and Corporal Forsyth. .In the 3rd row are Privates Bodman, Young, Percival, Sergeant Taylor, Lieutenant Powell, Sergeant Hazell, Privates Cole, Prince and Corporal Downs and in the front, again from left to right are Privates Wright, Allen, Coghill, Blake, Coombs, Paul, Pike, Connolly and Priday.

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SBYRW : 6963

4th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photo of an Officers Group at Weymouth in 1935. Back Row L to R Lieutenant Watson, -?-, Lieutenant Oates, Lieutenant Wilks, Lieutenant Cooke, Lieutenant Reddrop, Lieutenant Flowers, Lieutenant Edwinson. Sat L to R Captain Elliot, Captain Bevan [RAMC], Captain Slade, Major Gale, Major Goodenough MC, MM, Lieutenant Colonel Hughes TD, Captain Elliot [Adjutant], Captain Passmore MC,, Captain Bryan [QM] Captain Verey, Captain Booth.

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SBYRW : 7795

Training Centre and Depot Wessex Brigade - A black and white photo of the Permanent Staff at Bulford in 1947

Person(s): Sturmey, Company Quarter Master A, Sergeant; Hill, F, Sergeant; Brown, Company Quarter Master, Sergeant; Starkey, H, Sergeant; King, W, Sergeant; Stoodley, H, Sergeant; Frampton, A, Sergeant; Clark, F, Sergeant; McNair, D, Sergeant; Wilkins, G, Sergeant; Foot, H, Sergeant; Rowe, R, Sergeant; Lloyd, T, Sergeant; Vaughan, R, Sergeant; Coleman, J, Sergeant; Ball, E, Sergeant; Adlam, W, Sergeant; Long, E, Sergeant; Lang, K, Sergeant; Young, Company Quarter Master E, Sergeant; Moody, G, Sergeant; Seary, Instructor C, Sergeant; Worrall, Instructor E, Sergeant; Wood, C, Sergeant; Merrick, I, Sergeant; Symons, G, Sergeant; Farrelly, J, Sergeant; Thomas, R, Sergeant; Elvin, F, Sergeant; Reading, Company Quarter Master H, Sergeant; Siegel, C, Sergeant; Wiltshire, R, Sergeant; Mahy, Company Quarter Master F, Sergeant; Wiggle, R, Sergeant; Johnson, E, Sergeant; Proctor, J, Sergeant; Niblett, E, Sergeant; Bird, P, Sergeant; Donoghur, F, Sergeant; Langley, Company Quarter Master R, Sergeant; Daines, Company Quarter Master G, Sergeant; Nance, V, Sergeant; Leache, J, Sergeant; Owen, J, Sergeant; Kearney, C, Sergeant; Brown, H, Sergeant; Lewis, D, Sergeant; Belsham, A, Sergeant; McCarthy, J, Sergeant; Barnard, B, Sergeant; Twigg, B, Sergeant; Bishop, D, Sergeant; Green, E, Sergeant; Bristow, W, Sergeant; Langham, J, Sergeant; Farndon, E, Sergeant; Richards, K, Sergeant; Ryder, M, Sergeant; Fields, Company A, Major; Bransom, Company MajorIM W, Sergeant; McNally, Quarter Master Instructor J, Sergeant; Williams, Company J, Major; Bevan, Company E, Major; Whitewick, Company E, Major; Vallas, WO 1 F; Bird, H L W, Colonel; Hobbs, Regimental J, Major; Munden, R C, Major; Keen, Regeimental Quarter Master H, Sergeant; Duffin, Company W, Major; Shipway, J, ORQMS; Randall, Company J, Major; Stephenson, Company W, Major; Pearcey, Company J, Major; Shord, Company D, Major;

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