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4th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia group photograph of officers at Bustard Camp in 1910. It shows, standing from left to right, Lieutenant C.A.L. Lewis, Lieutenant R.R. Adamson, Captain F.R. Hedges, Captain G.A. Battcock, Lieutenant W.F.A. Stride, Lieutenant R. Truslove, Lieutenant R.L. Barnes, Lieutenant H.U.H. Thorne and Lieutenant J.L. Joyce (Medical Officer). Seated from left to right are Captain J.H. Simonds, Captain and Quartermaster D. Egginton, Lieutenant C. Carter, Captain and Adjutant G. H. Sawyer (regular officer), Captain A.F. Ewen, Lieutenant Colonel Oswald Pearce-Serocold, Major D.J. Mason-Macfarlane, Reverend F. Gillmor Captain J.H. Cooper and Captain R.J. Clarke. In the front are Lieutenant E.S.Holcroft, Lieutenant C.Bartham (late Captain 5th Bn Notts and Derby Regt), Lieutenant W.E.M. Blandy and Lieutenant F.C. Aldworth.

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4th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia group photograph of the officers at Shorncliffe Camp in 1913 with, standing from left to right. Lieutenant R.G. Attride, Lieutenant C. Bartham (late Captain 5th Nottonghamshire and Derby Regiment), Lieutenant F.A. Willink, Lieutenant H.U.H. Thorne, Lieutenant Boyle, Lieutenant R.L. Barnes, Lieutenant G. Crutwell, Lieutenant R. Poulton-Palmer and Lieutenant Moore;. seated from left to right, are Lieutenant C.A.L. Lewis, Lieutenant F.C. Aldworth, Captain G.A. Battcock, Captain J.H. Cooper, Lieutenant Colonel Oswald Pearce-Serocold, Captain and Adjutant Sharp, Captain R.J. Clarke, Captain F.R. Hedges and Captain Hopton. In the front are Lieutenant O.B. Challoner, Lieutenant Blandy, Lieutenant E.S. Holcroft and Lieutenant Whittaker.

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