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SBYRW : 7098

4th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photo of the Royal Berkshire men photographed during the visit of the Colonel of the Regiment, Major General R J Collins, on Tofrek Day 22 March 1945 at Wrotham. Photographer; Gale and Polden Ltd. Aldershot

Person(s): Brooks, M, L/Corporal, Atkins, A, L/Corporal, Griffiths, Corporal E, Moulder, Corporal F, Keaney, J, L/Corporal, Carey, C, L/Corporal, Allum, D, L/Corporal, Given, Corporal D, Penny, F, L/Corporal, Bampton, E, L/Corporal, Pointer, J, L/Corporal, Coleman, A, L/Corporal, Monk, G, L/Corporal, King, C, L/Corporal, Lovett, H, L/Corporal, Lawrence, R, L/Corporal, Goodall, F, L/Corporal, Skilton, R, L/Corporal, Haines, P, L/Corporal, Haynes, R, L/Corporal, Morley, H, Private, Mann, H, Private, Manktelow, S, Private, Wiblin, G, L/Corporal, Bune, R, L/Corporal, Rowland, G, L/Corporal, Walker, K, Private, Hemmings, W, Private, Sparrow, H, Private, Gilbert, A, Private, Ward, W, Private, Knott, E, Private, Silver, A, Private, Riley, V, Private, Peters, C, Private, Boarer, C, L/Corporal, Heredge, G, Private, Avery, D, Private, Wells, Corporal J, Moore, G, L/Corporal, Shepherd, H, L/Corporal, Uphill, T, Private, Sharpe, H, L/Corporal, Brant, T, L/Corporal, Melton, R, Private, Arnold, F, Private, Hawkins, F, L/Corporal, Verdun, H, L/Corporal, Jones, W, L/Corporal, Stockham, W, L/Corporal, Cowell, R, Private, Westmore, W, Private, Green, Corporal D, O'Neill, Corporal J, Ford, G, Private, Fowler, G, Private, Ganderton, W, Private, Millbank, H, Private, Reynolds, C, Private, Shepherd, E, Private, Lasenby, F, Private, Neen, J, Private, Harrison, R, Private, Lovell, T, Private, Spall, N, L/Corporal, Blakemore, C, Private, Faires, J, Private, Pond, Corporal R, Kent, L, L/Corporal, Webb, J, L/Corporal, Cronin, Corporal E, Eason, L, L/Sergeant, Smith, W, L/Sergeant, Rolls, J, L/Sergeant, Gold, L, L/Sergeant, Godbold, F, L/Sergeant, Anderson, W, Sergeant, Brooks, L, L/Sergeant, Holmes, L, L/Sergeant, Scott, Corporal W, Beddard, S, L/Sergeant, Byrne, W, L/Sergeant, Maund, T, Sergeant, Gardner, G, Sergeant, Stevens, R, L/Corporal, Hurd, E, Private, Buery, Corporal W, Woollven, Corporal W, Cook, R, Private, Robinson, D, L/Sergeant, Tomkins, W, L/Sergeant, Noble, S, L/Sergeant, Richardson, J, L/Sergeant, Smith, H, Sergeant, Hall, E, Sergeant, Hill, G, L/Sergeant, Webb, R, L/Sergeant, Lawes, S, Sergeant, Mooring, W, L/Sergeant, Newman, R, L/Sergeant, Chatfield, F, Sergeant, Hattey, L, Sergeant, Townley, R, L/Sergeant, Saunders, D, L/Sergeant, Braidwood, L, L/Sergeant, Probert, F, L/Sergeant, Fallowfield, A, L/Sergeant, Smith, A, L/Sergeant, Trigg, G, L/Sergeant, Hutson, E, L/Sergeant, Brown, H, L/Sergeant, Davidson, W, L/Sergeant, Horscroft, H, L/Sergeant, Nibbs, T, Sergeant, Newland, R, Sergeant, Stokes, J, Sergeant, Moody, T, Sergeant, Main, C, Sergeant, Todd, R, L/Sergeant, Ludwig, G, Sergeant, Mitchell, C, L/Sergeant, Hall, R, Sergeant, Jackson, N, L/Sergeant, Dennison, R, L/Sergeant, Holland, G, Sergeant, Millgate, R, L/Sergeant, Fox, V, Sergeant, Choules, W, L/Sergeant, Jones, P, L/Sergeant, Willmott, G, L/Sergeant, Shellard, R, Sergeant, Stokes, S, Sergeant, Barnes, L, L/Sergeant, Selfe, N, L/Sergeant, Bryant, W, L/Sergeant, Baugh, L, Sergeant, Ellis, G, L/Sergeant, Green, C, Sergeant, Smithers, M, Sergeant, Salzman, A, Sergeant, Hunter, W, Sergeant, Chandler, C, L/Sergeant, Clifton, E, Sergeant, Edwards, H, Sergeant, Mounteney, Colour S, Sergeant, Child, Colour W, Sergeant, Alcott, Company E, Major, Foster, Regimental Quarter Master A, Sergeant, Flower, D E L, Lieutenant, Yates, Lieutenant, I R, Beardsell, H D Captain, Massey, W D, Captain, Davies, R P D, Major, Taylor, F E A, Colonel, Collins, R J, General, Messer, R H, Major, West, D R C, Major, Lacey, F L S, Captain, Warrick, E W, Captain, Trist, R, Captain, Jenkins, T, Lieutenant, Judge, T O, Lieutenant, Pullen, Regimental G, Major, Kirby, Company E, Major, Green, Company H, Major, Turner, Colour S, Sergeant, Horn, Colour J, Sergeant, Townsend, J, Sergeant,

Royal Berkshire Regiment, 4th Bn [Territorial Army]

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