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The officers outside the officer?s mess in Inkerman Barracks, Woking, 1903.

SBYRW : 32344

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the officers outside the officer?s mess in Inkerman Barracks at Woking in 1903. The following officers are present but their exact location in the photo is not clear: Lieutenant R.P. Harvey, Captain G.H. Arbuthnot, Lieutenant A.G. Macdonald, Captain C. Moore, Lieutenant C. Bartlett, Captain A.S. Cave, Major R.G. Chase, Captain E.H. Blunt, 2nd Lieutenant G.W. Hopton, 2nd Lieutenant P.E.L. Elgee, 2nd Lieutenant A.J. Fraser, Lieutenant A.M. Holdsworth, Major W.K. McClintock, Lieutenant Colonel F.C. Carter, Lieutenant F.J. Gosset, Lieutenant T.E.C. Hunt, 2nd Lieutenant H.M.L. Hunter, Major J.H.W. Southey, Lieutenant and Quartermaster Mr J.H. Redstone, Captain and Adjutant W.R.P.K. Betty, Lieutenant C. Pierce, Captain A.S. Turner, Captain R.B. Swinton. The dog was named ?Vic?.

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