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SBYRW : 14078

Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - A black and white photo of The Kenya Regiment No 16 Compulsory Military Training Course from 16th Jan to 17th June 1961. This photo contains Sergeant Ron Allcock who was seconded there from the Battalion

Person(s): Allcock, Company R, Turton, R, Private, Pringle, N, Private, Wilkinson, G, Private, Holme, R, J/Sergeant, Robertson, A, Private, Walker, D, J/Corporal, Bowers, C, Private, Bridle R, Private, Fenwick, R, Private, Baily, T, Private, Turner, J, Private, Kean, C, J/L/Corporal, Brooks, C, Private, Patrickson, J, Private, Vaughan-Ryall, M, J/L/Corporal, Beverley, O, Private, Gladwin, D, Private, Fenwick, D, Private, Bernhardi, G, Private, Ryan, C, Private, Burnup, R, Private, Fletcher, G, Private, Withey, D, Private, Wright, J, Private, Susskind, J, Private, Bassett, D, J/Sergeant, Tyekiff, J, Private, Miller, R, Private, Dowey, H, Private, Cameron I, Private, Benn, D, Private, Shaw, M, J/Sergeant, Potts, J, Private, Lawrence-Brown, H, Private, Wood B, Private, Daly, M, Private, Watt, J, Private, Lloyd, G, Private, O'Hara, M, J/Sergeant, Miller, A, Private, Lock, G, Private, Burton, A Summers, B Private, Ball, P, Private, Bax, R, Private, Davies, C, Private, Odendaai, H, Private, Roach, R, Private, Bagehot, R, Private, Englebrecht, C, Private, Maila, A, Private, Hallet, I, Private, Bentley, D, Private, Begg, J, Private, Amos, M, J/Corporal, Brayne-Nicholls, L, Private, Wyber, J, Private, Yolland, S, Private, Macpherson, C, Private, Noon, C, J/L/Corporal, Gladman, G, Private, Scott, D, Private, McNight, R, Private, Sinclair R, Private, Phelps, J, Sergeant, Parkinson, J, Sergeant, Newcombe, K, Sergeant, Cordell, R, Private, Crosskill, J, Private, Harman, J, Private, Hunter, J, Private, Pirie J, Private, Butler, M, Private, Young, K, Sergeant, Powell, H, Sergeant, Aitken, A, Sergeant, Allcock, R, Sergeant, Holyfield, Lieutenant, F N, Preston, Staff K Sergeant, Douglas, J, Captain, Yeo, Company N J, Major, Athill, J H, Major, Rimmer, Colour B W, Sergeant, Henderson, M L, Captain, Smith, G, Sergeant, Murray, A, Sergeant, Spencer, T, Sergeant, Wheeker, T, Sergeant, Martin, P, Sergeant,

Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment

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