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SBYRW : 13623

2nd Bn, Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment - A colour photo of 'C' (Wiltshire) Company at the Formation Camp at Bodney Camp, Stanford, in Norfolk, in October 1995

Person(s): Hill, D, Private, Cuthbert, Corporal P C, Sarson, K, Private, Skull, S J, L/Corporal, Dingsdale, M N, Private, Davies, G J, Private, Ward, M J, L/Corporal, Cornwell, A J, Private, Wheaton, M E, Private, Warters, Corporal K M, Wright, T J, Private, Davis, S L, Private, Jackson, L, Private, Davey, Corporal R, Pugh, Corporal R A, Roger, H J, Private, Humphrey, S F, Private, Gibbs, A C, Private, Kingswell, S D, Private, Patient, R C, L/Corporal, Fisk, M A, Private, Wickham, Corporal D J, Grant, M A, Private, Swain, Corporal K A, Lort, N P, L/Corporal, Griffiths, C J, Private, Bulpitt, J A, L/Corporal, James, C E, Private, Marler-Hausen, L D, Private, Crewe, S M, Private, Dove, R E, Private, Merritt, A, L/Corporal, Maxam, C, L/Corporal, Maxam, J, Private, Williams, Corporal C, Rhodes, S, Private, Millar, D, Private, Luckman, S, Private, Brough, Colour H K R, Sergeant, Crewe-Read, S D, Lieutenant, Reade, K M, WO2, Ramsay, S J, Lieutenant, Adcock, Colour P M, Sergeant, Jones G, Private, Butcher, K L, L/Corporal, Balcombe, M A, Private, Stiddard, S A, Private, Pendleton,, Private, Yates, A, Private, Jackson, K, Private, Scott, P A, L/Corporal, Singleton, S J, Sergeant, Harrison, J M, Sergeant, Humphries, A V, Sergeant, Prescott, Colour R M, Sergeant, Walker, R J, WO2, Broderstad, E R C, Lieutenant, Davies, D I, WO2, Marshall, A W, Major, Gillingham, D J, Captain, Rogers, 2nd D J, Lieutenant, Gray, S, WO2, Sergeant, S J, Sergeant, Nulty, J P, Sergeant, Jeremy, M A, Sergeant, Speak, P M, Sergeant,

Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment, 2nd [Volunteer] Bn

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