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Access to the Museum

Access to elements of the collection not on public display, to the photograph collection and to the archives is restricted due to both the need to preserve the objects and the limitations of making staff available. Access to non public display objects will only be given to proven serious researchers and then only when staff are available and sufficient notice has been given. Access cannot be assumed. Please remember that the museum is not a public establishment. We  therefore encourage researchers to either write or e-mail us. Please refer to the 'Enquiries' Section of the website.


Arranging a Visit to the museum

Up to four weeks notice may be required for access to non display objects, together with an estimate as to how much time will be needed on site and an overall visit time span that gives the staff the best chance to be able to make the objects available. Notice must be in writing and should explain the background to the reason for the request, the research being undertaken and the proposed results of the research. A charge will be made for providing access to objects or archive material. Depending on the condition of the artefact, study photographs may be taken, but researchers will be required to sign a form assigning copyright to The Rifles (Berkshire and Wiltshire) Museum.

Access to the Archive Material

Requests for access to archive material must explain why a transcription cannot be used rather than a personal visit. Otherwise the procedure is as above.

This page is intended to provide a facility for those who are researching an aspect of one of our regiments to publicise their project and seek assistance. It also gives us, at the museum, the chance to ask for your help in projects we are undertaking.

This is not a forum. It is a moderated listing. If you have a suitable project click on the Suggestion box and put your intentions to us. Acceptable projects will be added to the listing.

Your willingness to share your research should be stated in your proposal, such as plans for publishing.

If you can help any of those undertaking projects, you can email them direct.


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