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SBYRW : 26273

99th Regiment - A sepia portrait photograph of Captain Horace Townshend in civilian clothes; he served in the Regiment from 1857 to 1865, who was present at the plundering of the Yuen Ming Yuen (otherwise known as the Summer Palace) in Pekin in 1860. He later wrote 'It had been well looted by the French and by some of our cavalry before some of the 'Nines' and myself got a chance at it, and when we did we had to give up all our loot, which was sold by auction and fetched a large sum, the share of the subaltern being about 36. By the way, when speaking of the Summer Palace, I forgot to advise all looters to carry about with them a small bottle of gold testing fluid. Many of us had noticed a large model of a pagoda, and had passed it by thinking it to be brass, but an officer of Sikhs, who had got his experience at the sack of Delhi, thought otherwise, and found it to be gold. He sold it to the Oriental Bank in Hong Kong for 7,000'. Independent looting by soldiers would result in the lash; organised looting was a different matter. The author, used the pseudonym ?Induna? when writing in the regimental journal ?The Nines?. Another photograph exists of him together with his wife in retirement in Cork on Page 29 of the photographic book The Wiltshire Regiment 1756 ? 1914. Photographer: AS D Roche, 28, Patrick Street, Cork, Ireland

Person(s): Townshend, H, Captain;

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SBYRW : 34546

4th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the ?Key Parties? for ?C? and ?D? Companies at the drill hall at Maidenhead, 25th August ? 3rd September 1939. These soldiers were the main players for the two companies prior to the formal mobilization order that came on the Declaration of the 2nd World War (11.00 am on Sunday 3rd September 1939). The early work carried out by this group meant that the mobilisation of the 4th Battalion went smoothly. It shows, in the rear row from left to right, Privates Bavan (Orderly), Hopper (Telephone operator), Drake (Clerk), Fisher (Storeman), Townshend (Telephone operator), Weller (Orderly), Fenn (Storeman), Godfrey (Telephone Operator), West (Clerk) and King (Telephone operator). (Seated, fro left to right, are A/CQMS Battridge, CSM (WO2) Jarratt, Sergeant (PSI) Nutt, Lieutenant B.C.D. Eastwick, Major H.P. Verey (OC ?C? Company), Captain W.P. Serocold (OC ?D? Coy), 2nd Lieutenant H.W. Earthnow, Sergeant (PSI)Wilson, Colour Sergeant Chivers and CQMS Harding.

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SBYRW : 34548

6th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white group photograph of ?C? Company at the drill hall at Maidenehead on the occasion of mobilization on the 3rd September 1939. In the top row from left to right are Privates Wilson, Sharpe, A.J. Addaway, Powell, Bond, Eaudel, W. Cowell, Bartlett, Cornish, J. Carpenter, Blistow, J. Cowell, Jarrett, A.F. Hanis, Hopper, House, Jerome, Venables, Pauffley, Rowland, Beckley, Mead, Young, Wheeler, Clarke, Ashford and Weatherall. In the 2nd Row are Privates H. Beadley, Beadley, Bradley, Ayres, Green, Hoselett, Ambrose, E.E. Quelch, G. Eaton, Sandford, Brown, Wisha, W.G. Simmonds, A.E. Harris, Bishop, Newman, May, E.J. Cowell, Rees, Miks, Maynard, Cruch, Jeffreys, Smith, E.F. Quelch and Goulding. In the 3rd row are Private Herridge, L/Corporal Thompson, Private H.G. Bradley, Private Evans, Corporal Cole, Sergeant McGuire, 2nd Lieutenant S.M. Fox, Major H.P. Verey, 2nd Lieutenant P.H. Brownliss, Sergeant Mills, Corporal Chamberlin, Corporal Brooklyn, L/Corporal Jarrett, Privates Bryon, Rance, L/Corporal Taylor, Privates Poolman, Rockell, Corporal Pullen, Sergeant Turner, CSM (WO2) Whye, Lieutenant B.S.D. Eastwick, 2nd Lieutenant L.O. Prichard, CQMS Nutt, Sergeant Betteridge, Corporal Venables, L/Corporal Smith, and Privates Roberts and Wells. In the 4th row are Privates Becky, Collis, T.G. Eaton, Bradley, V. Carpenter, Bedborough, Bradfield, Wetherall, Langford, A. Bryant, T.G. Simmonds, Tomlish, D. Bryant, V Drake, Welland, Townshend, E.S. Addaway, Dawson and Fisher.

Person(s): Verey, H P, Captain; Wilson, , Private; Sharpe, , Private; Addaway,A J , Private; Powell, , Private; Bond, , Private; Eaudel, , Private; Cowell, W, Private; Bartlett, , Private; Cornish,J , Private; Carpenter, , Private; Blistow, , Private; Cowell, J, Private; Jarrett, , Private; Harris, A F, Private; Hopper, , Private; House, , Private; Jerome, , Private; Venables, , Private; Pauffley, , Private; Rowland, , Private; Beckley, , Private; Mead, , Private; Young, , Private; Wheeler, , Private; Clarke, , Private; Ashford, , Private; Wetherall, , Private; Beadley, H , Private; Beadley, , Private; Bradley, , Private; Ayres, , Private; Green, , Private; Hoselett, , Private; Ambrose, , Private; Quelch, E E, Private; Eaton, G , Private; Sandford, , Private; Brown, , Private; Wisha, , Private; Simmonds, W G, Private; Harris,A E , Private; Bishop, , Private; Newman, , Private; May, , Private; Cowell, E J, Private; Rees, , Private; Miks, , Private; Maynard, , Private; Cruch, , Private; Jefferys, , Private; Smith, , Private; Quelch, E F, Private; Golding, , Private; Herridge, , Private; Thompson, , L/Corporal; Bradley,H G , Private; Evans, , Private; Cole, , Corporal; McGuire, , Sergeant; Fox, S M, 2nd Lieutenant; Verey, H P, Major; Brownliss, P H, 2nd Lieutenant; Mills, , Sergeant; Chamberlin, , Corporal; Brocklyn, , Corporal; Jarrett, , L/Corporal; Bryon, , Private; Rance, , Private; Taylor, , L/Corporal; Poolman, , Private; Rockell, , Private; Pullen, , Corporal; Turner, , Sergeant; Whye, , WO2; Eastwick, B S D, Lieutenant; Prichard, L O, Lieutenant; Nutt, , CQMS; Betteridge, , Sergeant; Venables, , Corporal; Smith, , L/Corporal; Roberts, , Private; Wells, , Private; Becky, , Private; Collis, , Private; Eaton,T G , Private; Carpenter, V, Private; Bedborough, , Private; Bradfield, , Private; Langford, , Private; Bryant, A, Private; Simmonds,T G , Private; Tomlish, , Private; Bryant, D, Private; Vess, , Private; Drake, , Private; Welland, , Private; Townshend, , Private; Addaway, E S, Private; Dawson, , Private; Fisher, , Private;

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SBYRW : 8361

99th Regiment - A sepia portrait photo of Captain H Townsend in civilian clothes with his wife in Ireland around 1877 Photographer; Guy F., Cork

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