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SBYRW : 19110

4th/6th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photo of what appears to be an Open Day at Annual Camp at Windmill Hill, Ludgershall on Salisbury Plain in September 1955 showing (from Left to Right) Lieutenant Vernon, Mrs Jones, Brigadier Jones, Corporal Basden, Corporal Newdick, Sergeant Tarrant and Corporal Rodell

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SBYRW : 19159

6th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A colour photo of the gravestone of 2nd Lieutenant Henry Geoffrey Nelson Tarrant, MC, who was killed in action on 31st July 1917 and is buried in the Hooge Crater Cemetery in Belgium. The photograph was taken in summer 2004 Photographer: Mr J Chapman

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SBYRW : 19559

5th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A photocopy of a black and white group photograph of the officers of the Battalion taken in Bournemouth in 1943; the photograph shows : Back row (L to R) Lieutenants R J Phillips, K Lucas (wounded), W S Wyeth (wounded), F M Beale, C I Spackman (Military Cross), R J Holly, M Hodges, H A Pyke, D G E Holme (killed in action), B A Tarrant (Miilitary Cross and Bar, wounded) and F Josey. Middle Row: (L to R) Captains M E H Pardoe, J M Bedford (killed in action), J C Vines (killed in action), J B D Chapman, Lieutenants P J Prior (Croix de Guerre), H W Marsh, Captain G J Martin (Military Cros, wounded), Lieutenant H J C J Letang (RAMC), F O Saunders (RACHD) and N B Woodroffe. Front Row (Left to Right) Captain and QM H E Child, Majors A D Brown, A F D Smith (killed in action), Lieutenant Colonal A L Taffs (DSO, OBE, Croix de Guerre with palm), Major General R J C Collins, Majors D H V Board (killed in action), C D M Todd (TD MBE) and Captain L K Jenkins (MBE) Photographer; Bailey, Glen Fern Studios, Bournemouth, Hampshire

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SBYRW : 21834

5th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photocopy of a photograph of Private Stanley William Tarrant. He enlisted on the 25th August 1914 and went to France with the Battalion in May 1915. He came from Eton where he was employed as a boatman at Eton college.

Person(s): Tarrant, S W, Private;

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SBYRW : 21835

5th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photocopy of a photograph of Lance Corporal Stanley William Tarrant in 1915

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SBYRW : 21836

5th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photocopy of a photograph of Sergeant Stanley William Tarrant. ?Somewhere in France? in 1916

Person(s): Tarrant, W, Sergeant;

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SBYRW : 21837

5th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photocopy of a photograph of a group of Sergeants of ?C? Company in France, 1915. (Stood) Sergeant Stanley William. Tarrant, Sergeant J. Lane. (Sat L to R) Sergeant J. Redford from Tilehurst, Sergeant C. Seymour DCM. . Sergeant Tarrant was captured on the 3rd July 1916 when the Battalion attacked the village of Ovillers on the Somme. He remained as a Prisoner of War until 1918. After the war, he resumed his employment at Eton College; he died in 1976. His full story is recounted in ?Their Duty Done?, a Museum publication, Pages 83 and 84.

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SBYRW : 22625

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A colour photograph of the Corporals Mess on the occasion of the ?Maiwand? weekend 18th-20th July 1980 at Mercer Barracks, Osnabruck, West Germany. This photograph includes the Colonel-in-Chief, His Royal Highness Prince Phillip who was visiting the Battalion at this time. This image is named.

Person(s): Sobers,, L/Corporal; Smith29,, L/Corporal; Flay,, L/Corporal; Scott45,, L/Corporal; Annear,, Corporal; Adam,, L/Corporal; Grocock,, L/Corporal; Brown,, L/Cororal; King,, L/Corporal; Webb,, L/Corporal; East,, L/Corporal; Mills75,, L/Corporal; Wragg,, L/Corporal; Austin,, L/Corporal; Crawford,,L/Corporal; Latham,, L/Corporal; Chapman,, Corporal; Stevens,, L/Corporal; Tait,, L/Corp[oral; Rogers,, L/Corporal; Crookson,, L/Corporal; Arman,, L/Corporal; Burgess,, L/Corporal; Foy.. L/Corporal; Mellam,, L/Corporal; Reading,, Corporal; Arnold,, L/Corporal; Carpenter,, L/Corporal; Lytham,, L/Corporal; Wolfenden,, L/Corporal; Thackery,, L/Corporal; Elliot,, L/Corporal; Tuckwell,, L/Corporal; Cox,, Corporal; Haddow,, L/Corporal; Tarrant,, L./Corporal; Probets,, L/Corporal; Wardell,, L/Corporal; Hudd,, L/Corporal; Dartnall,, L/Corporal; Summer,, L/Corporal; Bridgewater,, L/Corporal; Williams,, L/Corporal; Hurley,, L/Corporal; Essery,, L/Corporal; Brown,, L/Corporal; Perkins,, L/Corporal; Hopgood,, L/Corporal; Collins,, L/Corporal; Ball,, L/Corporal; Dallison,, L/Corporal; Fisher,, L/Corporal; Sanderson,, L/Corporal; Thomas,, Corporal; Gibbs66,, L/Corporal; Hickman,, L/Corporal; Bastow,, L/Corporal; Taylor,, L/Corporal; Pethick,, L/Corporal; Roberts,, L/Corporal; Hibberd,, L/Corporal; Goodman,, L/Corporal; Driscoll,, L/Corporal; Creasey,, L/Corporal; Herbert,, Corporal; Preston,, L/Corporal; Gibbs,, Corporal; Harvey,, Corporal; Young,, Corporal; Hallett,, Corporal; Butler,, Corporal; Simms,, Corporal; Tonks,, L/Corporal; Archer,, Corporal; Hall,, Corporal; Shears,, L/Corporal; Perrott,, Corporal; Trowers,, Corporal; Fodey,, Corporal; Carter,, Corporal; Long,, L/Corporal; Butcher,, Corporal; Mallinson,, Corporal; West,, Corporal; Stanyer,, Corporal; Eley,, Corporal; Owens,, Corporal; Oland,, Corporal; Waterfall,, Corporal; Stanley,, Corporal; Hole,, Corporal; Bowers,, Corporal; Callcut,, Corporal; Shead,, Corporal; Irving,, Corporal; Smith78,, Corporal; Harris,, Corporal; Vincent,, Corporal; Thirtle,, L/Corporal; Rouse,, Corporal; Owen,, L/Corporal; Todd,, L/Corporal; Lovatt,, Corporal; Bordessa,, Corporal; Davies,, Corporal; Tiucker,, Corporal; Barber, J, Corporal; Rose,, Corporal; Phillips,, Corporal; Batty,, Corporal; Hiscock,, Corporal; McIntyre,, Corporal; Wise,, Corporal; Millard,, WO1; Roden, J R, Brigadier; Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, HRH; Coxon, G, Lieutenant Colonel; Walker, N J, Captain; Wright,, Corporal; Barnes,, Corporal; Shervington,, Corporal; Heal,, Corporal; Bromilow,, Corporal; Finnegan,, Corporal; Allen,, Corporal; Henwood,, Corporal;

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SBYRW : 26188

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A CD ROM containing nine coloured images of a visit to the Regimental Museum at Salisbury by Ex Captain Basil Tarrant, formerly of the 5th Battalion, who took part in the Normandy Landings in 1944. He is with his son, the television celebrity Christopher Tarrant, the host of ?Who wants to be a Millionaire?. Shortly after this visit, Basil Tarrant died. These images have not been separately catalogued yet.

Person(s): Tarrant, B, Major;

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SBYRW : 35750

5th Berkshire (Wantage) Bn, Home Guard - A black and white digital group image of the Chadleworth Platoon of the Chaddleworth Company on the 8th September, 1940. It shows, in the rear row from left to right, Privates W. Tarrant, R. Jennings, A. Hawkins, W. I. Goatley, C. Goatley, A. J. Tarrant, R. W. Pounds and A. T. Carter; standing, again from left to right, are Privates H. A. Smith, H. Hiscock, S. I. Jennings, F. J. Smith, J. Wilder, T. Cripps, A. Fewtrell, L. Smith, G. Lane, G. Tarrant, A. Kempster, A. Smith and H. Bailey. Seated from left to right are Privates A. G. Smith, F. Breadmore, F. Tarrant, L. J. Mars and C. R. Finnis, Major Ed Bally, Rev A D Sheffield and Privates B. Brinsden, F. Jarvis and F. Rolfe; in the front are Privates J. Elliott, V. Tarrant, R. Cripps, I. Buckingham, G. Cannings and H. Roberts.

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