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SBYRW : 28814

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the brass tablet placed in Devizes church in December 1886 in memory of those who died in India from 1882 to 1886. It lists the following soldiers. Lieutenant Colonel A.M. Moir, Lieutenant Colonel C.J. Greenham, Major G.A. Wayman, Captain C.C. Nevile, Capt and Adt J. Stevens, Guille, Sergeant W. Bristow, Sergeant J. Seymore, Corporal W. Bailey, L/Corporals R. Mortimer, G.A. Warson, G. Clifford. Privates, W. Perry, G. Miles, E.G. Doughty, J. Deal, J, Chandler, J. Bainton, A. Perrett, J. Giles, H. Mortimer, G. Hunt, W. Hodges, R. Couldery, H. Welch, J. Woodhouse, Tom Plank, J. Carey, C.H. Brown, W. May, T. Complin, E. Painter, E. Minty, C. Barter.

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SBYRW : 28969

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white group photograph of ?D? (Machine gun) Company at Tanglin Barracks, Singapore sometime between 1932 and 1936 showing (4th from the left ?seated) Corporal Shergold, (5th from the left) Sergeant Preston, (7th from the left) Sergeant Brett, (8th from the left) WO 2 (CSM) Mack MM, (9th from the left) Lieutenant Lord Seymore, (10th from the left) Lieutenant Kenrick, (11th from the left) Captain Peacock, (12th from the left) Lieutenant Wood, (13th from the left) Company Quartermaster Sergeant Goswell, (16th from the left) Sergeant Vallis, (17th from the left) Corporal Weaver, and (19th from the left) Corporal Nutland.

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SBYRW : 40744

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of three officers in a jungle position in the Arakan, Burma in 1944. Two have not been identified but their forenames from left to right are, Major Lord Percy Seymore who was 2nd in Command of the Battalion, David and Joe.

Person(s): Seymore,P, Major;

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SBYRW : 42557

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A black and white group photograph of the Warrant Officers and Sergeants on the occasion of the amalgamation in 1959. It was taken at Albany Barracks, Isle of Wight on the 9th June 1959. It shows, in the 5th row, Sergeants D Kew, J. Dunkin, L. King, H. Bourton, F. Seymour (ACC), J. McQuade, D. Briggs, K. Parker and R. Allcock. In the 4th row are Sergeants F. Simpson, J. Fisher, S. Dunn, J. Dunford, T. Harris, A. Whitfield, R. Simpson, S. Aldridge, T. Binmore, P. Gaffney, W. Meade, O?Brien, P. Lewis, K. Szmelter and F. Crockford. In the 3rd row are Sergeants T. Leeder, J. Oxley, H. Dick, G. Bennett, G. Chappel, D. Welch, T. Roberts, W. Dunscombe, C. Wiggins, R. Collings, F. Bray, V. Middlecote, C. Ashley, S. Gibbs, B. Kelly, R, Bye and B. Brett. Then, in the 2nd Row are Colour Sergeants (Drum Major), W. Cholules, D. Todd, Sergeants R. Kirk, C. Cross, Staff Sergeant G. Cameron (REME), Sergeant J. Melksham (RAPC), Colour Sergeants R. Holligsworth, T. Houghton, J. Graham, Sergeant J. Cardice, Colour Sergeants A. Ault, F. Wheaton, F. Young, Staff Sergeant D. Parker (RAEC), Staff Sergeant A. Hardaker (RAPC), Sergeants P. Buckingham, A. Meynall, Colour Sergeant V. Pawson and Drum Major A. Ford. Finally, in the front row, are CSM (WO2) J. Barrow, C. Clacey, M. Hawe, F. Lane, RQMS J. Snelling MM, WO1 (Bandmaster) R. Hibbs, RSM (WO1) L. Hodges, Major General B.A. Coad CB, CBE, DSO (Colonel of the Regiment), Field Marshal HRH The Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinmburgh KH, KT, GBE, (Colonel in Chief), Brigadier D.W.B.T. Hogg, Lieutenant Colonel G.F. Woolnough MC, WO1 (Bandmaster) G. Haile, ORQMS D. Milton, WO 2 D. Mortimer, D. Brown, M. Collins, and WO2 A. Blacxk (ACC),

Person(s): Kew, D, Sergeant; Dunkin, J, Sergeant; King, L, Sergeant; Bourton, H, Sergeant; Seymore, F, Sergeant; McQuade, J, Sergeant; Briggs, D, Sergeant; Parker, K, Sergeant; Allcock, R, Sergeant; Simpson, F, Sergeant; Fisher, J, Sergeant; Dunn, S, Sergeant; Dunford, J, Sergeant; Harris, T, Sergeant; Whitfield, A, Sergeant; Simpson, R, Sergeant; Aldridge, S, Sergeant; Binmore, T, Sergeant; Gaffney, P, Sergeant; Meade, W, Sergeant; O'Brien, P, Sergeant; Lewis, P, Sergeant; Szmelter, K, Sergeant; Crockford, F, Sergeant; Leeder, T, Sergeant; Oxley, J, Sergeant; Dick, H, Sergeant; Bennett, G, Sergeant; Chappel, G, Sergeant; Welch, D, Sergeant; Roberts, T, Sergeant; Dunscombe, W, Sergeant; Wiggins, C, Sergeant; Collings, R, Sergeant; Bray, F, Sergeant; Middlecote, V, Sergeant; Ashley, C, Sergeant; Gibbs, S, Sergeant; Kelly, B, Sergeant; Bye, R, Sergeant; Brett, B, Sergeant; Choules, W, C/Sergeant; Todd, D, C/Sergeant; Kirk, R, Sergeant; Cross, C, Sergeant; Cameron, G, S/Sergeant; Melksham, J, Sergeant; Hollingsworth, R, C/Sergeant; Houghton, T, C/Sergeant; Graham, J, C/Sergeant; Caradice, J, Sergeant; Ault, A, C/Sergeant; Wheaton, F, C/Sergeant; Young, F, C/Sergeant; Parker, D, S/Sergeant; Hardaker, A, S/Sergeant; Buckingham, P, Sergeant; Meynall, A, Sergeant; Pawson, V, C/Sergeant; Ford, A, Drum Major; Barrow, J, WO2; Clacey, C, WO2; Hawe, M, WO2; Lane, F, WO2; Snelling, J, RQMS; Hibbs, R, WO1; Hodges, L, WO1; Coad, B A, Major General; Phillip, Prince; Hogg, D W B T, Brigadier; Woolnough,G F, Lieutenant Colonel; Haile, G, WO1; Mortimer, D, WO2; Brown, D, WO2; Collins, M, WO2; Black, A, WO2;

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SBYRW : 45463

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of a group of officers at Nottingham Road Bivouac, South Africa about 1912. (L to R) Lieutenant Seymore (Later joined Royal Flying Corps), Lieutenant W A Dawes (Killed at Mons), Lieutenant Carter (Killed at Ypres), Lieutenant Mee (Served in Egypt), Lieutenant Broome (ended up as a Colonel in the Tank Corps).

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