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SBYRW : 19775

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A photocopy of a black and white photograph of the Battalion Team who were the winners of the 10th Infantry Brigade Boys Inter-Unit Boxing Competition in 1937 for the third consecutive year, with names Photographer; Lambert, Weston and Son, Folkestone

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SBYRW : 42290

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A black and white photograph of Private Adrian Rodgers in Hong Kong in 1988.

Person(s): Rodgers, A, Private;

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SBYRW : 51131

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of a group of officer prisoners in the Krefeld German Prisoner of War camp during the 1st World War. Included in this image but exact position not clear are Lieutenant Edward Ladd Betts, [Believed rear row] Captain Humphrey Willis Chetwode Lloyd [Believed rear row], Captain Henry Barron Rose MC [Believed 2nd row from  rear, far left,  Captain W. Martin [Believed 2nd row from rear, 2nd from left] , Captain Hemelin Fitzherbert Coddington [Believed 2nd row from rear, 5th from left],, Lieutenant Rodgers, Lieutenant Collins, Lieutenant Boyle, Captain Timmis [Believed 3rd row, 4th left], Lieutenant Fleetwood. They were in this POW camp from 27th October 1914 to the 22nd April 1917.

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