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A portrait photo taken of him in Hong Kong which he sent home to his Fiancee/wife.

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SBYRW : 15148

1st Wiltshire Rifle Volunteers - Two sepia photos of Father and Son Payton around 1890.

Person(s): Payton, F, Sergeant;

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SBYRW : 8384

1st Wiltshire Volunteer Rifle Corps - A sepia group photograph of ?G? Company on the 31st March 1908. It includes some Old Comrades from this unit. It is believed this was taken on the last occasion they would be deployed under this designation as this was the year the 4th Battalion came into being. (Rear row L to R) Privates Mead, Champion, Hale, Hurle, R. Stiles, Cook. (2nd Row from rear L to R) Private A F Tucker, Brooks, Drewett, A. E. Davis, McLean, L/Corporal Martin, Privates Barclay, Jackson, L/Corporal Burgess, Sergeant Fry. (3rd Row L to R) Private Hiscox, Smith, L/Corporal Smith, Privates Merritt, Wheeler, Shergold, L/Corporal Wheeler, Privates Griffin, Walters, Gray, F. Tucker,Bray, Payton, William Chapman. (4th Row L to R) L/Corporal Webb, Private Gale, Veterans Ex C/Sergeant James, Sergeant Payton, C/Sergeant Martin, Privates Dew, Biggs, Sergeant Elkins, Bugle Major Bailey, Sergeant J. Smith, Pioneer Millard, Privates Tucker, Collier, William Chapman,W. Walters. (5th Row L to R) Private Burgess, Corporals Cornish, Smith, Sergeants Scott, Dicks, C/Sergeant Mead, C/Sergeant (Instructor) Slade, Captain Hoare, Bugle Major Francis, Sergeants Elkins, Burgess, W. Smith, Corporal Walters. (Front L to R) Privates P. Chapman, Lawrence, J. Stiles, Buglers Elkins, Slade, L/Corporal Goodenough, Private J. Stiles. Photographer; Lill H.E. Westbury

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