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SBYRW : 26411

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white copy of a photograph of soldiers of the Battalion near Lubeck, Germany, in May 1945 with, left to right, Sergeant Myland, Private 'Ozzie' Osbourne, Sergeant 'Spot' Taylor, Private 'Lofty' Hillier, CSM Whitemarsh, Corporal Bone. The Battalion had just fought a short action and discovered Sergeant Taylor, a Wiltshire Regiment prisoner of war. He had been captured in Italy whilst serving with the 2nd Battalion, and then transported to Germany. As the allies advanced, prisoners were left by the retreating Germans to fend for themselves. 'Lofty' Hillier later wrote in his book, 'The Long Road to Victory', 'We pushed on and struck another Stalag, and this time it was all British men. As we were opening the gates a voice said "How in the hell did you get here, I left you in Italy. I always told this lot it would be you that would relieve us." It was one of our Sergeants (Sergeant Taylor) who was captured at the Minturno ridge during the first battle for Cassino'. One of the group took a quick photograph then the advance continued, leaving Sergeant Taylor to be taken care of by follow up units.

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