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SBYRW : 20741

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - A black and white photo of the personnel of Battalion Headquarters taken on the square in Clifton Barracks, Minden, West Germany in July 1968. They are (front row, left to right) Sergeant R A Berrett - Orderly Room Corporal, WO1(RSM) J Williams - Regimental Sergeant Major, Major G T L M Graham - Battalion Second-in-Command, Lieutenant Colonel T A Gibson MBE - Commanding Officer, Capt J W Mermagen, Gloucestershire Regiment - Adjutant, Lieutenant T M A Daly - Assistant Adjutant and Officer Commanding The Corps of Drums (Battalion Reserve Platoon), Sergeant S Evans - Orderly Room Sergeant/Chief Clerk, (Rear row, left to right): Orderly Room Clerks Corporal A Breen, L/Corporal R Reynolds, L/Corporal D R P Barnard, L/Corporal P A Burroughes, L/Corporal Drinkwater, Private J A Rickard, L/Corporal M Sharp and Corporal K Bradbury

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SBYRW : 42366

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A black and white photograph of the Warrant Officers and Sergeants Mess in Minden, West Germany 1967. (Back Row L to R) Sergeants Dunscombe, Bray, Millard, Seaward, Wright 15, Johnson, Cross, Dean, Kelly, Hyde, Povey,Last, Cooper, Cockerill. (2nd Row L to R) Sergeants Hodges, Simpson, Guppy, Skinner, Hole, Head, Leadbetter, Lambell, Beck, Townsend, Smart, Whitfield, Parker, Dunn, Berrett, Stafford. (3rd Row L to R) S/Sergeant Anderson, C/Sergeant Bye, C/Sergeant Knight, Sergeants Cripps, Wright 76, Thorpe, Evans, Stacey, C/Sergeant Pinchen, Sergeant Mure, S/Sergeant Macmillan, Sergeant Trannter, C/Sergeant Crockford, C/Sergeant Puffett, C/Sergeant Dunford, C/Sergeant Meade, C/Sergeant Pinchard, C/Sergeant Meynall. (Sat L to R) WO2 Beal, WO2 Dudman, WO2 Rodger, WO2 Brett, WO2 Payne, RQMS Cheesley, Captain J.W. Metmagen, WO 2 R. Hibbs, Lieutenant Colonel J.R. Roden MBE, WO1 (RSM) J.A. Barrow, Major R.F. Dorey, WO 1 Callan, WO2 Williams, WO2 Peters, Wo2 Whiting, WO2 Leeder, WO2 Henderson.

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The officers in Minden, West Germany, believed about 1968

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SBYRW : 42391

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A colour photograph of the officers in Minden, West Germany, believed to have been taken about 1968. It shows in the rear row from left to rightLieutenant D Hardwick (Glosters), Lieutentant A Briard,Lieutenant D Stone, Lieutenant R Harison (R Signals) Lieutenant B Hodges, Captain E Churcher (R Hamps), Lieutenant G Mawle,Lieutenant Titley, Lieutenant Morris (R Hamps), Lieutenant M Seeley, Second Lieutenant M Cornwell. (Middle row L to R) (1st) Lieutennat N West, Captain D Newton, Captain (QM) D Mortimer. Captain C Hoatson (REME), Captain T M Daly, Captain J Lillies (D and D), Captain M Smith-Rewse (Glosters), Captain D Foster, Captain I Nelson (RAPC), Captain P Dennison, Captain J Barrow, Lieutenant R Vaughan-Payne. (Sat L to R) Major (QM) J Price, Major Rose, Major H Canning), Captain J Mermagen (Glosters) Adjutant,Major Graham Second in Command, Lieutenant Colonel T A Gibson Commanding Officer, Major M Van Lessen (R Hamps),Major E Edwards, Major V Ridley, Major Oldfield, Captain C.G. Rendle. [This photograph was presented to the officer?s mess on the occasion of him leaving the battalio

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