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SBYRW : 29555

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A black and white photograph of the Band at Tidworth in 1960 showing, at the very back, left to right, Bandsman J. Shaw, R.Bull, A.Smith61, in the main back row, Bandsman M. Lyne, R.Parker, C.Parfitt, A.Smith73, B.Marles, G.Scriven, A.Wells, D Taylor, J.Moody, D.Edwards. In the centre row) Bandsman D.Bradley, L/Corporal D.Sawyer, L/Corporal P.Haggerty, L/Corporal J.Barlow, L/Corporal F.Russell, L/Corporal C.Jolley, L/Corporal P.Marshall, L/Corporal W.Lee, L/Corporal M.Hennis, Bandsman R.Hughes, A Ball. In the front row are Corporal M.Mure, Corporal S.Cooper, Sergeant R.Kirk, Bandmaster R.Hibbs, Lieutenant Colonel G.F.Woolnough MC (Commanding Officer), Major M.A.Everett (Band President), S/Sergeant D.Todd, Sergeant A.Meynell, Corporal W.Spry, Corporal D.Lequelenec.

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SBYRW : 49028

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the battalion athletic team, 1949. They were the winners of the 4th Infantry Brigade Athletic meeting held in Dusseldorf, Germany. [Back Row L to R] Privates Fish, Cowley, Brimblecombe, Corporal Deadman, Corporal Adams, L/Corporal Hallam, Corporal Slark, Private Jackson, Private Evans. [Centre Row L to R] S.I. Robinson [APTC], Sergeant Workman, Private Valentine, Private Onslow, Private Curry, Sergeant Frisker, L/Corporal Fuller, Private McQuade, Private McKecknie, Corporal Fremantle, Herr Mark [German Coach] [Front Row L to R] Private LeQuelenec, RSM Harrowing, 2nd/Lieutenant P. Gordon, Lieutenant G.T. Graham (Team Captain), Lieutenant Colonel N E C, Kendrick DSO, Lieutenant A.E, Carter. 2nd / Lieutenant Cantle, 2nd/Lieutenant Yiend, Sergeant Warner.

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