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SBYRW : 28814

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the brass tablet placed in Devizes church in December 1886 in memory of those who died in India from 1882 to 1886. It lists the following soldiers. Lieutenant Colonel A.M. Moir, Lieutenant Colonel C.J. Greenham, Major G.A. Wayman, Captain C.C. Nevile, Capt and Adt J. Stevens, Guille, Sergeant W. Bristow, Sergeant J. Seymore, Corporal W. Bailey, L/Corporals R. Mortimer, G.A. Warson, G. Clifford. Privates, W. Perry, G. Miles, E.G. Doughty, J. Deal, J, Chandler, J. Bainton, A. Perrett, J. Giles, H. Mortimer, G. Hunt, W. Hodges, R. Couldery, H. Welch, J. Woodhouse, Tom Plank, J. Carey, C.H. Brown, W. May, T. Complin, E. Painter, E. Minty, C. Barter.

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