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SBYRW : 27296

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A black and white photograph of the members of the Warrant Officers and Sergeants mess at Horseshoe Barracks, Shoeburyness, Essex, in February 1975. This image is named and suffers from some discolouration Photographer: Maplin Studio, Shoebury 2501

Person(s): Fredrick, D, Sergeant; Jones, B, Sergeant; Brown, M, Sergeant; Ramshall, D, Sergeant; Bridges, R, Sergeant; Merhlich, P, Sergeant; Sherman, W, Sergeant; Minty, N, Sergeant; Cruickshank, A, Sergeant; Baliematuku, S, Sergeant; Haines, M, Sergeant; Baker, G, Sergeant; Gillon, J, Sergeant; Navarro, M, Sergeant; Saunders, A, Sergeant; Coleman, J, Sergeant; Poynter, M, Sergeant; Head, D, Sergeant; Pearce, L, Sergeant; Scully, S, Sergeant; Turner, B, Sergeant; Blandsford, P, Sergeant; Morgan, D, Sergeant; Dage,, Sergeant; Moore, B, Sergeant; Clarke, B, Sergeant; Pinnell, A, Sergeant; Chaffey, A, Sergeant; Flay, A, Sergeant; White, D, Sergeant; Zawadski, L, Sergeant; Nulty, B, Sergeant; Fisher, R, Sergeant; Mallows, P, Sergeant; Trench, A, Sergeant; Marriot-Lodge, S,. Staff Sergeant; Hill, P, Staff Sergeant; Cole, S, Staff Sergeant; Mortimer, M, Staff Sergeant; Turaga, L, Staff Sergeant; Calladine, D, Staff Sergeant; Hicks, R, Staff Sergeant; Hobbs, A, Drum Major; Wiggins,D, Staff Sergeant; Walton, T, Staff Sergeant; Benham, D, Staff Sergeant; Gascoigne, G, Staff Sergeant; Bailey, D, Staff Sergeant; Lamb, M, Staff Sergeant; Carter, R, Staff Sergeant; Green, M, WO2; Haynes, M, WO2; Johnson, A, WO2; Millard, E, WO2; Parfitt, C, WO2; Wright, B, WO2; Stacey, P, WO2; Williams, J D, Captain; Borlase, N, WO1; Lea-Cox, C B, Lieutenant Colonel; Leadbetter, D, WO1; Ridley, V H, Major; Holloway, T, WO2; Cockayne, M, WO2; Freelove, T, WO2; Pickup, J, WO2; Turner, N, WO2; Smart, D, WO2; Noakes, B, WO2; Covoney, R, WO2; Heyden, R, WO2;

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