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2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of a group of officers at Talavera Barracks, Aldershot 1896. Rear Row (L to R) Lieutenant Francis Hamilton Moore, Lieutenant (QM) Robert. P. Cloke, Lieutenant Robert Bruce Swinton, Captain Yui (attached), Captain William Brooke Thornton, Lieutenant Reginald E. T. Bray, Captain John Gustavus Russell Walsh, Lieutenant H. Street, (Middle Row L to R) Lieutenant Thomas Edward Carew Hunt, Lieutenant Dunlop, Lieutenant Hunt, Lieutenant Peake, Lieutenant Felix Fordati Ready, Lieutenant McDonnell, Captain Richard Henn Collins, Lieutenant Piers North, (Front Row L to R) Major Francis C. Carter, Captain W. Clegg, Captain Sir J Pasley, -?-, Captain William Kerr McClintock, Major Fredrick W.N. McCracken. [Linked to 6055 - taken from a different angle, names slightly differ]

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2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photo of the Battalion on parade in Raglan Barracks, Devonport Summer, 1895 under the command of Lieutenant.-Colonel J G Ponsonby. Photo has top left corner missing. - Officers L to R] Lieutenant A.G. Bingley, 2nd Lieutenant A.H. Bathurst, 2nd Lieutenant C.E. Birch, Major H. Lynch, Captain I.T. Owen, 2nd Lieutenant F. Ready, 2nd Lieutenant R.H. Collins, 2nd Lieutenant Buchanan-Dunlop, 2nd Lieutenant C.H.B. Weston, Captain W.K. McClintock, 2nd Lieutenant H. Street, Captain W.M. Inglis, Lieutenant E.H. Blunt, Captain R.E.T. Bray, Captain G.W. Richards, Captain R.G. Macdonnell, Lieutenant P.W. North, [On right flank] Lieutenant and Quartermaster Mr. Cloke, Sergeant Major Summers.

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