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SBYRW : 11790

49th Regiment - A sepia group image of the officers in Ireland 1864/5. [This image was taken at the same place as 6889] The sitters in the image are listed in pencil on the edge of the photo and numbered. We believe the numbering was done in the late 1890s. [Standing L to R] [1] Sergeant Major Parr. [2] Captain√?¬† Graham Taylor. [3] Captain William Young. [4] Lieutenant McCullan. [5] Lieutenant Robert Oliver Aldworth. [6] Ensign Henry Board Williams. [7] Captain Thomas Cowper Hincks.[8]√?¬† Captain√?¬† Edward J. Cresswell. [9] Captain William John Gillespie. [10] Lieutenant Edgar Londsale. [11] Quartermaster Kerridge, [12] Captain William Madden. [13]√?¬† Ensign√?¬† Phillip Alfred West. [14] Lieutenant and Adjutant Edward Mackay. [15] Not named [Sat L to R] [16] Captain√?¬† William Watts Corban. [17] Surgeon Major Saunders. [18] Paymaster√?¬† Henry Seymour Michelle [19] Major√?¬† Fanshaw William Gostling. [20] Colonel Cadwallader√?¬† Adams, [21]Major√?¬† Thomas Priauix St George Armstrong. [22] Captain√?¬† John Hopkins. [23] Ensign√?¬† John Arthbutnot. [24] Lieutenant John Issac√?¬† Nason. [25] Ensign Charles Pitcher Temple.√?¬† [26] Ensign√?¬† Edwin Glass Fern. [27] Ensign Smith Thomas Sidney [Sinclair]. [28] Lieutenant√?¬† George Shirley. [29] Ensign√?¬† George Charles Cockburn. [30] Ensign Carey [No Trace - could be a lord]. [31] Ensign√?¬† Charles Barter Bogue.

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