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SBYRW : 10764

Royal Berkshire Regiment - Two letters corncerned with Major Nugent's private finances. The letters are both addressed to the late Major Nugent's wife and are dated as the 28th of December 1918 and the 15th of March 1919. The letter dated December 1918 is from Cox and Company of Charing Cross, the second, dated March 1919 is from the War Office.

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SBYRW : 10765

Royal Berkshire Regiment - Two letters written to Mrs Nugent. The first is a typed covering letter (not dated) from the Borough of Middleton and refers to an illuminated memorial presented by the town following the death of Major Charles Nugent, it is signed by the Town Clerk, J P Walmsley. The second letter is also typed. It is dated the 11th of December 1918, and written from Lieutenant Colonel S Campbell, Commanding Officer of the Number 4 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station. The letter details the death of Major Nugent.

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SBYRW : 10766

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A set of eleven letters written to Mrs Nugent concerning her financial affairs with reference to the death of her husband Captain (Acting Major) Nugent. The letters cover are dated from the 23rd of December 1918 to the 24th of December 1919. Pension information is given along with information concerning an allowance to be given to children of deceased soldiers.

Person(s): Nugent, C; Nugent,, Mrs;

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SBYRW : 10769

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A letter from J Wigman addressed to Captain Nugent, the letter is dated 28th October 1915. The letter is a personal letter thanking the Captain for a wedding gift he has recently received.

Person(s): Nugent, C; Wigman, J; J Wigman;

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SBYRW : 10770

5th Bn and 2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - Two letters written to the Commanding Officer of the 5th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment from Captain C Nugent. The letters are dated the 16th of April 1916 and the 17th of April 1916. The first letter is handwritten and is four pages long, it is a letter of complaint that Captain Nugent has been superceded for the appointment of 2nd in Command of the 5th Battalion by an Officer who is junior in Service and in Rank. The letter mentions Major General E Feltham, Brigadier General G P S Hunt, and Colonel F G Barker. The second letter is a page long and is a letter concerning the promotion of Captain C Nugent.

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SBYRW : 10771

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A series of letters and related documents concerning accomodation and details of the voyage of the S.S. Arcadia departing on the 29th of April 1914. Also included are two requests for leave dated the 20th of December 1913 and the 30th of January 1914. The correspondance and other information concerns Lieutenant C Nugent.

Person(s): Nugent, C;

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SBYRW : 10772

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A typed cover letter addressed to Mrs C Nugent, it concerns the decorations awarded to the late Major Nugent with reference to the 1914 Star, British War and Victory Medals. The letter is dated the 31st of October 1922 and is from the War Office. Accompanying the letter is a brief typed descripton of the medals awarded.

Person(s): Nugent, C; Nugent, A, Mrs;

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SBYRW : 10778

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - Several letters concerned with the location of the late Major C Nugent's grave at the Valenciennes Cemetery. The letters are all typed, one is addressed to M Nugent, it is dated the 21st of May 1971; one is addressed to Mrs C Nugent, the writer is unknown, it is dated the 3rd of January 1919; one is addressed to C A Nugent Esquire and is dated the 23rd of July 1971 it is written by Colonel E A Griffin, attached to this is a letter in response to previous correspondence from C A Nugent to Colonel Griffiths. Also enclosed is a pencil sketch of Captain C Nugents' grave.

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