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SBYRW : 10079

66th Regiment - A family and military history of Captain Wm Lane (1806- 1869) dated the 10th of March 1997.

Person(s): Lane, W;

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SBYRW : 10091

5th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - Biographical information about 2nd Lieutenant T P Meyrick M. C, it covers the period 1917 to 1918. The document was prepared by the Kitchener Battalions of the Royal Berkshire Regiment Project group, Reading, on behalf of the Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regimental Museum.

Person(s): Meyrick, 2nd T P;

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SBYRW : 10201

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - Biographical information concerning Corporal (24887) James Edward Parker who was born on the 11th April 1883 and who served in the Militia (between 1900 and 1902), the 2nd Battalion of the Princess Charlotte of Wales's Regiment, the Royal Berkshire Regiment (between 1902 and 1914), was called up as a Reservist (having been an ex soldier) later in 1914 and joined the 3rd (Reserve) Battalion in 1916, then later the 1st Battalion and 2nd Battalion (where he fought in France and was engaged in the Battle of Vimy Ridge and the Battle of Arleux). Later, during the 2nd World War, he was a member of the Local Defence Volunteers and the Home Guard. The information has been written by Corporal Parker's grandson, Jim Parker. The document is accompanied by a cover letter (dated May 1995) and a photocopy of a photograph dating from the 1st World War.

Person(s): Parker, J E, Corporal;

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SBYRW : 10237

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - A biography of Major Jack A. Barrow MBE who joined the 2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment in Krefeld in 1947 or 1948 and later became RSM of the 1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment before being commisioned, finally retiring as a Major in 1983. He died 4.9.98. The eulogy given at his funeral by Major Vernon-Powell is also included - various photos of him or including him are also held in the Museum, Artefacts 13724 and 14571 to 14579.

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SBYRW : 10724

2nd Bn, 6th Regiment - Biographical record of Captain Conway Benning who was killed at the Battle of Albuhera in the Peninsula War defending the Battalion's Colours

Person(s): Benning, C, Captain;

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SBYRW : 10747

49th Regiment and 1st Bn, Royal Berkshire - A photocopy of Major General R. J. Collin's entry in 'Who's Who', 1948, pg. 563

Person(s): Collins, R J;

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SBYRW : 14263

2nd Bn, Berkshire Regiment - Letter dated the 5th of January 2002 written by Patrick C.P. Mollet. It contains a biography of his father, Colonel Charles Mollet OBE, MC & Bar.

Person(s): Mollet, C;

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SBYRW : 14535

Unit unknown or none - Two biographical notes on Mr Edgar John Futcher who served as an able seaman on HMS Duke of Edinburgh before and during the 1st World War. One of the notes is entitled "History of Crown".

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SBYRW : 14591

99th Regiment - Hand written and typed notes (including a family tree) which were the result of research undertaken by Lieutenant Colonel F. Day regarding Henry James Day, who joined the Army in 1825, served in Mauritius and commanded the Regiment during the China War. There are also an article from "The Journal of the Wiltshire Regiment" entitled "A family record of service" and two letters written to "Grubby" on 15th and 18th July 1957, all these documents are regarding Lieutenant Colonel Henry James Day. Finally there is a letter sent by Mr. F Day to Bacon on 4th January 1938. It is regarding a diary kept by Captain HJ Day on his voyage in 1842.

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SBYRW : 14598

Wiltshire Regiment - Notes taken from a newspaper cutting (Copyright) regarding the service and death of Major General Young. They were found among other documents belonging to Colonel Reginald Evelyn-Smith.

Person(s): Evelyn-Smith, R;

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SBYRW : 18560

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - Photocopy of the complete Service Record of 2nd Lieutenant Herbert Jenkins Stidwell who was Killed in Action in 1917

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SBYRW : 18817

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A photocopy of the story of L/Corporal 5337395 Lawrence G Stephenson during the 2nd World War

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SBYRW : 21085

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A personal biography, written in 2004, by Ex Private 5336452 G.R. Walker who served in both the Royal Berkshire Regiment (and became a POW during 2nd World War) and the Gloucestershire Regiments in Korea.

Person(s): Walker, G R, Private;

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SBYRW : 21453

5th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - The story of 2nd Lieutenant John Eric Binns who was killed in Action at Fanna-i-Yat, Mesopotamia on 9th April 1916. This item contains a photograph of Lieutenant Binns.

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SBYRW : 21855

8th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A copy of a memoir of Noel Baring Hudson, who was born in 1893 and died in 1970, by Malcolm Nicholson. Noel Hudson was one of three sons of the rector of Great Shefford, Berkshire. All three sons joined the Regiment as officers. By the end of the war he had won a Distinguished Service Order and Bar, Military Cross and Bar and was twice mentioned in dispatches. He commanded the 8th Battalion and for a time commanded a Brigade as Acting Brigadier at the age of 24. He eventually became the Bishop of Ely. He is buried in Ely Cathedral.

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SBYRW : 22917

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sumary of the service records of Alert Robert Morley who enlsited into the 36th Trtaining Reserve Battalion at Wareham in Dorset in 1916, transferred fiorstly to the 2nd/1st ueens Own Worcestershire Hussars and then into the st Battalion, Royal Brkshire Regiment in 1919 in Iraq, North West Persia and India from where he was discahrged to the Reserve in 1923. He remained in the Reserve until 1927 when he was finally discharged.

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SBYRW : 23538

4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A short description of the life and war record of Lieutenant Frank A. Eyres born on 23rd May 1919, joined the Army on the outbreak of War. He served in Sussex and Holland.

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SBYRW : 24239

Wiltshire Regiment - Notes, including biographical details, of Major A. Garthwaite who was born on 7th December 1878.

Person(s): Hawkins, W, Major;

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An extract from the letter from the RAMC Museum.

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SBYRW : 25110

66th Regiment - A photocopy of the service record of Alexander Francis Preston together with a letter extract from the RAMC Museum and a short version of ?Dr Watson and the Jezail Bullet, by Hampton R Bates MD, from Richmond Virginia, November 1976. Dr Preston was the Battalion Medical Officer at the battle of Maiwand in Afghanistan 1880 where he was wounded. This officer was later used as the model for Doctor Watson by Conan Doyle in the Sherlock Holmes series of books.

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SBYRW : 25122

66th Regiment - An article from a magazine called ?Drummers Call? relating to Drum Major Edwin Middle , 1876. This item includes a photograph of Middle who appears in a book called ?The Royal Berkshire Regiment 1743 ? 1914, a photographic history with a caption that reads ?Drum Major Edwin Middle, 66th Foot, 1876. He had previous service in the 47th and 72nd of Foot, transferring to the 66th in 1876 as a Private Soldier. Shortly after joining he was appointed Drum Major. In May 1880 he was discharged with chronic rheumatism, described as 'A worn out Soldier', thus missing the Battle of Maiwand by two months. His replacement L/Sgt Ireland took over the role of acting Drum Major and was killed in action at Maiwand. This photo is of particular interest as it shows the four bar chevron worn point downwards. In 1881 it was ordered that this badge was to be worn on the lower forearm with the point of the chevrons uppermost?.

Person(s): Middle, E, Drum Major;

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