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SBYRW : 6258

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - Handwritten Battalion Diary that covers the period from the 11th January 1966 to the 8th February 1973. The document includes maps, orders, newspaper cuttings (from the Board of Trade Journal, entitled 'Metz a l'heure Britannique - the week which was a ten day wonder' written by Elizabeth Hartley; the Hildeshelmer Allgemeine Zeitung, dated Monday the 19th May 1969, including 2 photos), original letters, messages, results from sporting events, and other notes. At the front of the diary a list of the names of the various keepers of the diary has been made. These include Lieutenant A P Seaule, Lieutenant R C Vaughan-Payne, Lieutenant A E G Westlake, Captain R K Titley and Lieutenant D J A Stone.

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