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Wiltshire Regiment - A letter in its original envelope, dated 26th February 1926, from F. C. Beatson to the late Major General B. A. Coad. It is regarding Coad joining the Wiltshire Regiment as a 2nd Lieutenant

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Wiltshire Regiment - 7 letters exchanged between Colonel Reginald Evelyn-Smith and Major General B. A. Coad regarding the question of establishing a 1st World War memorial in Baghdad.

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Wiltshire Regiment - A commission, in an original envelope, appointing B.A. Coad a 2nd Lieutenant. It is dated 28th January 1926.

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Wiltshire Regiment - Two copies of a letter sent to the Curator of the Regimental Museum by Major-General B. A. Coad on 16th July 1967, regarding enclosed despatches. The despatches cover the actions of 27th Infantry Brigade later named 27th British Commonwealth Brigade, which was commanded by Major-General B. A. Coad in the Korean War from August 1950 to April 1951. There are also Christmas greetings from President of Korea to the United Forces of Korea dated 23rd December 1950. Finally there is a copy of a presidental unit citation for an outstanding duty on the field displayed by the 27th British Infantry Brigade between 5th an 15th September 1950. It was presented in 1955 by Major General B.A. Coad.

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1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A telegram from General Coad, the Colonel of the Regiment to the Battalion welcoming them home in 1959 after a three year tour on the island of Cyprus.

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Wiltshire Regiment - An obituary for Major General B A Coad, CB, CBE, DSO, DL, who died in 1980.

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Wiltshire Regiment - An article entitled ?Soldiering in the 1930s? by Major General B A Coad, CB, CBE, DSO, DL.

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Wiltshire Regiment - The Wiltshire Regiment Bicentenary programme. It is dated June 1956 and was found among other documents belonging to Major General B. A. Coad.

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