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Warrant Officers and Sergeants on the occasion of the amalgamation, 1959

SBYRW : 42557

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A black and white group photograph of the Warrant Officers and Sergeants on the occasion of the amalgamation in 1959. It was taken at Albany Barracks, Isle of Wight on the 9th June 1959. It shows, in the 5th row, Sergeants D Kew, J. Dunkin, L. King, H. Bourton, F. Seymour (ACC), J. McQuade, D. Briggs, K. Parker and R. Allcock. In the 4th row are Sergeants F. Simpson, J. Fisher, S. Dunn, J. Dunford, T. Harris, A. Whitfield, R. Simpson, S. Aldridge, T. Binmore, P. Gaffney, W. Meade, O?Brien, P. Lewis, K. Szmelter and F. Crockford. In the 3rd row are Sergeants T. Leeder, J. Oxley, H. Dick, G. Bennett, G. Chappel, D. Welch, T. Roberts, W. Dunscombe, C. Wiggins, R. Collings, F. Bray, V. Middlecote, C. Ashley, S. Gibbs, B. Kelly, R, Bye and B. Brett. Then, in the 2nd Row are Colour Sergeants (Drum Major), W. Cholules, D. Todd, Sergeants R. Kirk, C. Cross, Staff Sergeant G. Cameron (REME), Sergeant J. Melksham (RAPC), Colour Sergeants R. Holligsworth, T. Houghton, J. Graham, Sergeant J. Cardice, Colour Sergeants A. Ault, F. Wheaton, F. Young, Staff Sergeant D. Parker (RAEC), Staff Sergeant A. Hardaker (RAPC), Sergeants P. Buckingham, A. Meynall, Colour Sergeant V. Pawson and Drum Major A. Ford. Finally, in the front row, are CSM (WO2) J. Barrow, C. Clacey, M. Hawe, F. Lane, RQMS J. Snelling MM, WO1 (Bandmaster) R. Hibbs, RSM (WO1) L. Hodges, Major General B.A. Coad CB, CBE, DSO (Colonel of the Regiment), Field Marshal HRH The Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinmburgh KH, KT, GBE, (Colonel in Chief), Brigadier D.W.B.T. Hogg, Lieutenant Colonel G.F. Woolnough MC, WO1 (Bandmaster) G. Haile, ORQMS D. Milton, WO 2 D. Mortimer, D. Brown, M. Collins, and WO2 A. Blacxk (ACC),

Person(s): Kew, D, Sergeant, Dunkin, J, Sergeant, King, L, Sergeant, Bourton, H, Sergeant, Seymore, F, Sergeant, McQuade, J, Sergeant, Briggs, D, Sergeant, Parker, K, Sergeant, Allcock, R, Sergeant, Simpson, F, Sergeant, Fisher, J, Sergeant, Dunn, S, Sergeant, Dunford, J, Sergeant, Harris, T, Sergeant, Whitfield, A, Sergeant, Simpson, R, Sergeant, Aldridge, S, Sergeant, Binmore, T, Sergeant, Gaffney, P, Sergeant, Meade, W, Sergeant, O'Brien, P, Sergeant, Lewis, P, Sergeant, Szmelter, K, Sergeant, Crockford, F, Sergeant, Leeder, T, Sergeant, Oxley, J, Sergeant, Dick, H, Sergeant, Bennett, G, Sergeant, Chappel, G, Sergeant, Welch, D, Sergeant, Roberts, T, Sergeant, Dunscombe, W, Sergeant, Wiggins, C, Sergeant, Collings, R, Sergeant, Bray, F, Sergeant, Middlecote, V, Sergeant, Ashley, C, Sergeant, Gibbs, S, Sergeant, Kelly, B, Sergeant, Bye, R, Sergeant, Brett, B, Sergeant, Choules, W, C/Sergeant, Todd, D, C/Sergeant, Kirk, R, Sergeant, Cross, C, Sergeant, Cameron, G, S/Sergeant, Melksham, J, Sergeant, Hollingsworth, R, C/Sergeant, Houghton, T, C/Sergeant, Graham, J, C/Sergeant, Caradice, J, Sergeant, Ault, A, C/Sergeant, Wheaton, F, C/Sergeant, Young, F, C/Sergeant, Parker, D, S/Sergeant, Hardaker, A, S/Sergeant, Buckingham, P, Sergeant, Meynall, A, Sergeant, Pawson, V, C/Sergeant, Ford, A, Drum Major, Barrow, J, WO2, Clacey, C, WO2, Hawe, M, WO2, Lane, F, WO2, Snelling, J, RQMS, Hibbs, R, WO1, Hodges, L, WO1, Coad, B A, Major General, Phillip, Prince, Hogg, D W B T, Brigadier, Woolnough,G F, Lieutenant Colonel, Haile, G, WO1, Mortimer, D, WO2, Brown, D, WO2, Collins, M, WO2, Black, A, WO2,

Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment, 1st Bn

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