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SBYRW : 27295

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A colour photograph of the members of the Warrant Officers and Sergeants Mess at Battlesbury Barrack, Warminster in 1978. This image is somewhat faded and is named.

Person(s): Taylor,, W J, Sergeant, Povey, R H, Sergeant, Hoare, T J, Sergeant, Fielding, C, Sergeant, Rickard, J A, Sergeant, Dobie, J, Sergeant, Merritt, R W, Sergeant, Watts, C L, Sergeant, Smith, B R, Sergeant, Bungay, P R, Sergeant, Pinnell, A J, Sergeant, Sherman, W H, Colour Sergeant, Baines, V J, Sergeant, Haines, M, Sergeant, Collier, V W, Sergeant, Jones, B A, Sergeant, Stevens, N P, Sergeant, Clark, R C, Sergeant, Bartlett, G C, Sergeant, Scully, A P, Sergeant, Pearce, L W, Sergeant, Hollister, R F, Sergeant, Long, J C, Sergeant, MacDonald, I S, Sergeant, Hiscock, N, Sergeant, Beet, D J, Sergeant, White, D V, Sergeant, Choules, J, Drum Major, Carpenter, M D, Sergeant, Shervington, M, Sergeant, Kew, V E, Sergeant, Miller, T J, Sergeant, Kerr, M J, Sergeant, Coleman, J B, Sergeant, Perkins, T R, Colour Sergeant, Mallows, P G , Colour Sergeant, Johnston, J F, Colour Sergeant, Habgood, P, Colour Sergeant, Flay, A G, Colour Sergeant, Cole, S A, Colour Sergeant, Mehrlich, P R, Colour Sergeant, Bryant, M J, Colour Sergeant, Minty, N W, Colour Sergeant, Turner, A M, Colour Sergeant, Luckwell, R J, Colour Sergeant, Fielding, D M, Colour Sergeant, Baker, G, Sergeant, Wood, M, Sergeant, Pinchen, N F, WO2, Mullings, P J, WO2, Hicks, R G, WO2, Whitfield, A, WO2, Green, M, WO2, Cross, K, WO2, Millard, E A, WO2, Parfitt, C N, WO2, Borlase, N A, Bandmaster, Stafford, W R, WO1, Turner, B J, WO2, Smart, D, WO2, Haynes, N D, WO2, Hayden, R G, WO2, Venus, S J, WO2, Carter, R H, WO2, Swift, R, WO2, Hobbs, A, WO2, Inman, D A, WO2,

Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment, 1st Bn

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