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SBYRW : 23811

5th Bn, Witshire Regiment - A letter, dated 20th July 2001, from Major (Retd) P. J. Ball on behalf of the Museum Curator, to Mrs S. A. Dollin of Worthing, West Sussex, relating to her grandfather 5093 RSM Sidney Frank West and his military service, dated 1903. There is also a photocopy of his Small Book covering the period between 1898 and 1902 and a photocopy of his Monthly State of the Accounts from the same period. There are also two colour photographs of Basra at this time, the first No 3 BGW Palace and the oher Ashar Creek next to Basra Prison. Finally there is a colour photocopy of a portrait photo signed by him.

Person(s): West, S, WO1,

Wiltshire Regiment, 5th [Service] Bn

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