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SBYRW : 14786

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A newspaper article (Copyright) relating to the Battalion's tour in Northern Ireland in 1974. It contains one image which appears in the Regimental photographic history with the following caption Lieutenant Chilton (left) briefs Private Ward, prior to a patrol in Northern Ireland, 1974. Lieutenant Chilton had previously served as a Territorial in the 4th/6th Battalion, Royal Berkshire Regiment. He served with 1 DERR in British Honduras, Panama, Cyprus and Berlin. He later transferred to the Royal Army Ordnance Corps retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel after which he became the third Regimental museum curator at Salisbury. Private Ward served for many years. In 1987 he was part of the STANOC (Surveillance, Target Acquisition, Night Observation and Counter-surveillance) team at Larkhill. From there he was deployed as part of the team that conducted a search of the passenger ferry Herald of Free Enterprise when it capsized with great loss of life at Zeebrugge. He later remembered 'There was a group of RN divers there, who I think were part of a training party, but they were searching for survivors. I went with some of them to try and find anyone left alive, as the Spyglass would be able to give an indication of body warmth. Incidentally, the Spyglass worked after immersion, which is more than could be said for me, it was freezing. After a few hours it became clear that there was no-one left alive. I then helped to move bodies out of the ferry, several in some very strange places, I remember a steward who seemed to have locked himself in his wardrobe to get away from the water. It took an hour or so to get his body out. Altogether I assisted with 23 bodies, getting them down on to a floating platform next to the wreck. After 36 hours we returned home arriving on a Sunday. I flew to Hong Kong to re-join the Battalion the following day'. He retired in 1995 as WO2, as RQMS (Tech) of 1 RGBW.

Person(s): Chilton, D, Lieutenant,

Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment, 1st Bn

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