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The Museum houses the history of the Infantry Regiments who have their roots in the counties of Berkshire and Wiltshire. We have over 30,000 items within the Collection of which 2,000 are on display.   The remainder can be viewed on this web-site via the The Collection.

The museum is located in the north east corner of Cathedral Close, Salisbury, Wiltshire.

There is no public parking at the Museum. Limited parking is available in The Close, at a flat charge of £6. There are several other car parks in the City centre which are less than ten minutes walk from The Close, all clearly signposted on approach roads to the city. There is also an extensive Park and Ride system around Salisbury, (closed Sundays and Bank Holidays). For further information see the Park and Ride website. [##link to 3.7.3 Useful Links /Local info/Park&Ride]

There are several other tourist attractions in the Close – see the Local Information section of our Useful Links page. [##link to 3.7.3 Useful Links/Local info]. Information for Disabled Visitors

One parking space is available in our private car park for disabled visitors. Please display your Blue Badge prominently.

Salisbury has a Shopmobility scheme, located in the Maltings Car Park off Fisherton Street. For further information see the Shopmobility website. [##link to 3.7.3 Useful Links /Local info/Shopmobility]

Wheelchair access is provided from the road, via the signed path.  Wheelchair access is available throughout the public areas, to all the main display rooms, which are situated on the ground floor and to the Bernières Tea Room. The footpath in the garden is also suitable for wheelchair access.

There is a toilet specifically designed for disabled visitors.

No sound or visual guides are available for visitors with visual or aural impairments.


The Museum offers the services of the site and its staff to assist schools or other organisations.

School /Group visits School Visits to the Museum

Schools may follow their own pre-determined route round the Museum or utilise the existing quiz the ‘Rifleman's Mission’, with questions at 3 different levels.

There is also a special programme making use of artefacts (including a handling collection made up of uniforms, hats and helmets) and documents which must be booked in advance. There are two topics:– ‘Remembrance’ and ‘The Home Front’. Both topics contain 3 different elements, all children experiencing each of them in turn. A charge is made for this service. Please contact Museum staff to discuss your requirements. [##link to 5.1 Get in Touch]

Group Visits to the Museum

All group visits must be pre-booked. By arrangement a member of staff or a volunteer can be available to give a brief introduction to the Museum and the Collection. Special interests such as textiles, art or metalwork can be catered for by making available for inspection items from the Reserve Collection which are not normally on display. We also welcome those who are interested in The Wardrobe as an historic building or who would like to use the garden as a place to draw or paint.


If you would like someone to speak to your group or organisation on the Museum, regimental history, researching military ancestors or using our website please contact us.

Typical titles are:–

The Battle of Maiwand, Afghanistan, 1880, in which the 66th (Berkshire) Regiment was involved.

Tracing Your Military Ancestors - a general guide with specific examples from the Museum's collection and resources. Shown here are members of the audience with Mike Cornwell, the Curator, at an event held at Salisbury Library on 16 October 2008 as part of Family Learning Month.