School /Group visits

School Visits to the Museum

Schools may follow their own pre-determined route round the Museum or utilise the existing quiz the ‘Rifleman's Mission’, with questions at 3 different levels.

There is also a special programme making use of artefacts (including a handling collection made up of uniforms, hats and helmets) and documents which must be booked in advance. There are two topics:– ‘Remembrance’ and ‘The Home Front’. Both topics contain 3 different elements, all children experiencing each of them in turn. A charge is made for this service. Please contact Museum staff to discuss your requirements. [##link to 5.1 Get in Touch]

Group Visits to the Museum

All group visits must be pre-booked. By arrangement a member of staff or a volunteer can be available to give a brief introduction to the Museum and the Collection. Special interests such as textiles, art or metalwork can be catered for by making items from the Reserve Collection which are not normally on display available for inspection. We also welcome those who are interested in The Wardrobe as an historic building or who would like to use the garden as a place to draw or paint.