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SBYRW : 27292

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A colour photograph of the Warrant Officers and Sergeants Mess on the occasion of the ?Maiwand? weekend 18th-20th July 1980 at Mercer Barracks, Osnabruck, West Germany. This photograph includes the Colonel-in-Chief, His Royal Highness Prince Phillip who was visiting the Battalion at this time. This image is named.

Person(s): Evans,, Sergeant; Lennon,, Sergeant; Irwin,, Sergeant; Wintle,, Sergeant; Chapman,, Sergeant; Watts,, Sergreant; Merritt,, Sergeant; Ravu,, Sergeant; Bungay,, Sergeant; White,, Sergeant; Taylor,, Sergeant; Kerr,, Sergeant; Wheaton,, Sergeant; Collier,, Sergeant; Smith,, Sergeant; Traveller,, Sergeant; Wilmot,, Sergeant; Carpenter,, Sergeant; Samson,, Sergeant; Prince,, Sergeant; Newton,, Sergeant; Luker,, Sergeant; Le-Strange,, Sergeant; Dobie,, Sergeant; Priddice,, Sergeant; Mellers,, Sergeant; Moloney,, Sergeant; North,, Sergeant; Trench,, Sergeant; Walters,, Sergeant; Maynard,, Sergeant; Austin,, Sergeant; Rose,, Sergeant; Gardiner,, Sergeant; Navarro,, Sergeant; Jones,, Sergeant; Fielding,, Colour Sergeant; Haines,, Colour Sergeant; Smales,, Staff Sergeant; Miller,, Staff Sergeant; Hiscock,, Colour Sergeant; Baleimatuke,, Colour Sergeant; Brame,, Colour Sergeant; Cook,, Staff Sergeant; Morgan,, Colour Sergeant; Mortimer,, Colour Sergeant; Merhlich,, Colour Sergeant; McMillan,, Staff Sergeant; Fedrick,, Colour Sergeant; Bone,, Staff Sergeant; Paz,, Colour Sergeant; Godwin,, Colour Sergeant; Finch,, Staff Sergeant; Wood,, Staff Sergeant; Lawrence,, Colour Sergeant; Davison,, Sergeant; Harill,, Drum Major; Turner,, WO2; Minty,, WO2; Luckwell,, WO2; Mullings,, WO1; Durcan,, WO2; Cartyer,, WO2; Green,, WO2; Millard,, WO1; Roden, J R, Brigadier; Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, HRH; Coxon, G, Lieutenant Colonel; Nother,, Bandmaster; Chamberlain,, WO1; Hicks,, WO2; Breen,, WO2; Faly,, WO2; Cole,, WO2; Long,, WO2; Watson,, WO2; Calladine,, Staff Sergeant;

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SBYRW : 33752

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A digital black and white image of a group of soldiers in Auchnaccloy, Northern Ireland during the 1983 tour showing, top left, Private Herbie Coyle and, top right, Sergeant Steve Mellers.

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SBYRW : 33771

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A digital black and white image of one of two bodies discovered in a car north-east of Crossmaglen, Northern Ireland in 1983. Here we see members of the Battalion at the scene with police investigators.

Person(s): Mellers, S, Sergeant;

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SBYRW : 33849

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A black and white photograph of the Battalion hockey team in Northern Ireland in 1974. It shows, in the back row from left to right, L/Corporal Dabbs, Private Giddy, Colour Sergeant M. Mortimer, Major Aylin, Private Barnett and Corporal Mellers and , in the front row from left to right, Corporal Carpenter, Corporal Williams, L/Corporal Gardener, Corporal D. Fedrick and L/Corporal Honey. This team won a match against the Royal Regiment of Wales (4-2) which put them through to the final of the Army Hockey Cup.

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