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SBYRW : 24794

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the mounted infantry section at Longmore Camp in 1911 showing (Left to Right) Colour Sergeant Thame, Privates White, Alsworth, Corporal Goodey, Privates Hubbad, Withers, Rawlings, Stamp, Walker, Breach, Goodman, Simmonds, Lieutenant Reeves, Privates Riddlestone, Wooldridge, Cox, L/Corporal Boulden, Private Edmunds, Corporals Miller, Humphries, Bowerman, Calladine, Draper, Minhall, Smith, Private Pickford and L/Sergeant Saunders.

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SBYRW : 29713

7th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the officers outside Shire Hall, Reading in 1915 showing, in the back row, Lieutenants H.D. Mosley, A.E.W. Butler, F.B. Cobden, G.J.H. Walls, H.J.C. Neobard, C.N.C. Field, L.J. Banks, J.L. Killick, Hanney, A.D. Breach, in the third row, Lieutenants V.H. Watney, G.F. Bate, Captain Dodd (Padre), Lieutenants W.G.S. Curpley, R.N. Treadwell, R.A.B. Chancellor, H.E. Fletcher, Captain (QM) G. Casey, Lieutenants H.H. Grundtvig, J. Butler, G.G.C. Piggott, H.A.R. Donkin, P.H. Williams, A.K. Barrett (Medical Officer), in the second row, Lieutenants F. Collins, F.W.C. Baker, J.B. Marks, 2nd/Lieutenant A.N. Other, Lieutenants S.H. Troup, H.C. Elphick, G.H. Hale, E.B. Matthews, S.S. Pike, A. Stuart, Captain W.P. Collins and, in the front row, Lieutenants G.W.R. Bray, G.A. Cunnew, Captains T. Close, R.B. Gillespie, Major C.E. Birch, Lieutenant Colonel R.E.T. Bray, Captain J.M. Eldridge, Captain L. Marton, Captain H.B. Morony, Captain F. Gill, Lieutenant T.V. Booth-Jones.

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SBYRW : 44325

7th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of Captain Alfred David Breach believed to have been in Wiltshire in 1914. He later served in the 5th Battalion with whom he was awarded the Military Cross.

Person(s): Breach,A D, Captain;

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