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SBYRW : 32722

7th Bn, The Rifles - A document produced by WO2 Ian Tindall outlining the history of the Territorial Army in Berkshire, 1908 – 2008. It includes a summary history of the following units. 4th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment, 6th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment, 4th/6th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment, R (Berkshire) Company, National Defence Company, The Royal Berkshire Territorial’s, The Wessex Volunteers, 2nd Battalion The Wessex Regiment (Volunteers) including the Home Service Force, 2nd (Volunteer) Battalion Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment, Royal Rifle Volunteers, 7th Battalion The Rifles, The Berkshire Yeomanry, 101st (Buckinghamshire & Berkshire) Battalion, Machine Gun Corps, 99th (Bucks and Berks Yeomanry) Field Regiment Royal Artillery (TA), 145 (Berkshire Yeomanry) Field Regiment Royal Artillery (TA), 345 (Berkshire Yeomanry) Medium Regiment, Royal Artillery (TA), 346 (Berkshire Yeomanry) Medium Regiment, Royal Artillery (TA), 299 (Royal Buckinghamshire Yeomanry, Berkshire Yeomanry & Queens own Oxfordshire Hussars) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery (TA), The Berkshire and Westminster Dragoons, 94 (Berkshire Yeomanry) Signal Squadron, Royal Signals (V), D (Berkshire Yeomanry) Squadron, The Royal Yeomanry, Berkshire Royal Horse Artillery (TF), 90 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery, Royal Artillery (TA), HQ 73 AA Brigade, Royal Artillery (TA), 90 (Field) Army Group Royal Artillery (TA), 264 (Howitzer) Berkshire Battery, 66th (South Midland) Field Brigade, Royal Artillery, 80th (Berkshire) Heavy Anti- Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery (TA), 480th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery (Berkshire) (TA), 143 Control and reporting section, Royal Artillery (TA), 431 Light Anti- Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery, (TA), 299 (Royal Buckinghamshire Yeomanry, Queens Own Oxfordshire Hussars & Berkshire) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, (TA), 881 Amphibious Observation Battery, Royal Artillery (TA), 2 Mounted Brigade Transport & Supply Column, Army Service Corps, 928 Company 2 Anti- Aircraft Group Column (East) (TA), 126 Transport Column, RASC (TA), 928 Company, RASC (TA), 505 Company, RASC (TA), B Platoon, 504 Company, RASC (TA) 928 Ambulance Squadron , RCT (TA), 245 Ambulance Squadron, RCT (TA) , C (Slough) troop, 240 (Hertfordshire) Tank Transporter Squadron, 151 (Greater London) Regiment , RCT (V), 48th (South Midland) Divisional RAOC (TA), HQ RAOC Aldershot District (TA), 43rd (Wessex) Infantry Brigade Ordnance Field Park, RAOC (TA), No 3 Stores Company, RAOC (TA), 1st (Southern) General Hospital, RAMC (TA), 5th Anti-Aircraft Divisional RAMC, 11 Motor Ambulance convoy, RAMC, 139 Field Security section, Intelligence Corps (TA), 226 (South Midland) Field Squadron, Royal Engineers, Hermitage detachment, 135 Independent Geographic Squadron, Royal Engineers (Volunteers), 5th Anti-aircraft Divisional Signals, 26th (Mixed) Squadron, Royal Signals, 90 (Field) Army Group Royal Artillery Squadron, 2 Anti-Aircraft group (Mixed) signal Squadron, Royal Signals, Southern Command (Mixed) Signal Regiment, Royal Signals, 63 Command (Mixed) Signal Regiment, Royal Signals, 960 Signal Troop, Royal Signals, 961 Signal Troop, Royal Signals, 43 Anti-Aircraft Workshops, REME, 431 Light Anti-Aircraft Workshop, REME, 90 (Field) Workshop, REME, 129 Infantry Brigade Workshop, REME, Auxiliary Territorial Service, Woman’s Royal Army Corps.

Person(s): Tindall, I, WO2,

The Rifles, 7th Bn

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