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Mac McIntyre

MESSAGE FOR TONY EDWARDS Tony Regarding your enquiry about Liverpool hospitals etc. If you go into the collection on this site and in the KEYWORD search facility put in two refrence numbers , the first 4489, and the second 5890. Both refer to soldiers in hospital in Liverpool which might help you in your quest. I have seen references in the past to soldiers from our Regiments convelesing on Aintree Race Course. Good Hunting Cheers MAC

Curator's Comment:

Mac, I have posted this for you, next we met at the Museum I can show you how it is done. Hope the trip to London went well and you still have some money left.

Ray Curtis

Have only just scanned through the site, but yes I can see me spending many a happy hour ploughing through it in detail. I have always been a bit of a history buff so this is right up my street. Ex Cpl R. Curtis Signal Platoon Royal Berkshire Regt: 1952-55

Curator's Comment:

Ray, You do not say where you are now living. If you are within striking distance of Salisbury or are happy to work from home on a computer, have you thought of becoming a Volunteer. Michael Cornwell Ex DERR Signals Officer 1976 - 78.


Hi, I am looking for information on my grandfather Robert PAYTON, his private's number was 33469 and he served in the Royal Berkshire Regiment. He was injured sometime after the 21st December 1916. So he and other's were converlessing in Liverpool at this time. I have a photocard of him and other recovering soldiers. I would like to establish where in Liverpool the photo was taken. And I would like to hear from anyone who's ancestor might have been converlessing in Liverpool in 1917. The photo card can be viewed at

Curator's Comment:

Tony, We have approved your Guestbook entry in the hope that another visitor to the site may be able to provide you with the information your are seeking concerning any other soldiers convalescing in Liverpool in 1917. With regard to information on your grandfather, I am sure that you will know by now that most of the First World War soldiers records were destroyed in the Second World War when the building they were stored in, in London, took a direct hit in a German Bombing raid. The museum does hold a few details but I am afraid that you will have to place an on-line or postal enquiry by going to the Research menu on top of the home page of our web site, clicking onto Research Enquiries and either submitting an on-line equiry or printing off the form and sending it to us. Either way it will cost £21, the on-line enquiry is paid by Credit/Debit card and a postal one will require a cheque made payable to "The Rifles Wardrobe and Museum trust". Michael Cornwell

Terry Boden

I have just looked at this site and it is superb and a credit to you it shows what the Wardrobe is all about and will be a great site forb reserchers and historians and ex members of the regements like my self

Curator's Comment:

Terry, Thank you for the comments, spread the word and hopefully we will get more visitors. Michael Cornwell

Lee .

Just a message to say how slick the new website looks and works. I'm still exploring it but I think the Museum can be really proud of themselves for producing such an excellent site. The 'Collection' area is a real credit and so useful to researchers as is the new 'Soldier search' area. For a Regimental museum website I think this one really does lead the way. Well done!

Curator's Comment:

Lee, Thanks for the compliments. As I have said in the News Articles, the credit goes to those volunteers who have devoted time, effort and energy to the site. People, like Martin McIntyre who have kept in touch with people such as yourself and the Societies, like the Western Front Association, have been able to feed back what was that visitors to the site were looking for. Please keep the suggestions coming forward as we obviously wish to keep evolving. Michael Cornwell

William du Plooy

I am taking a long shot here; but want to still ask: Do you have any record of a Captain J. W. Guise whom earned a 1914-15 Star in the 1st WW?

Curator's Comment:

William, I have made a check of our records and we do not appear to have a Captain J W Guise in eithet the Royal Berkshire Regiment or the Wiltshire Regiment,serving during the First World War. So to try and help you out I went on to www, and did a search of their First World War Medal Index Cards, using all the parameters you gave me. As you say that the man you are looking for was an officer I discounted all those with soldier numbers. The search produced three possible candidates. Firstly Captain J W Guise of 45 Rallray's Sikhs who was only awarded the British War Medal and Victory Medal. Secondly Captain James Guise of the Oxfordshire & Buckinghanshire Light Infantry and later the Worcester Regiment. This officer landed in France in September 1915 and earned the 1914-15 Star, the British War Medal and the Victory Medal. Lastly James Wm Guise a Lieutenant in the Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry who landed in France on 02 February 1917 and is recorded as deceased 19 August 1917. This officer does not appear on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission webt site, so I am assuming that he died of something other than being KIA or dying of his wounds. Interestingly on the back of his Medal card it states that Mrs N Guise applied for the medals on behalf of 2Lt J W Guise and it also has recorded his Next of Kin, Captain J Guise (Father) 51 Payne's Lane, Coventry. We do have a record of a Lieuntenant J Guise serving in the Wiltshire Regiment in 1923, but the photograph shows hm with no medal ribbons. I am afraid that is all that I could find in the short time I could devote to your entry. If perchance I have enabled you to take your search further from the information provided perhaps you would be so kind as to complete am on line donation through our Museum On Line Shop. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell

Shaun White

Shaun White. 05-Nov-2008 (3:41pm) Good Afternoon, i e-mailed you a few years back with regards to my great grandad, i\'m still searching for a picture. with the hope of finding one. However i have recently found his service numbers. 9th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regt - 24206. labour Corps - 353967 Would these two service numbers help in tracking down any other information? many Thanks for your time. Shaun Curator\'s Comment: Dear Shaun You have not given me you great grandfather\'s name, however I have put that R Berks Regt regimental number into our data base and come up with the name Herbert Thoms Millard who was alledgely wounded on 22 Sep 1916. Is this the gentleman you are talking of? I do not really want to go off on a search if I am chasing the wrong person. Michael Cornwell Hello Michael, Sorry for the long delay in getting back to you with regards my great great grandad. His name was indeed Herbert Thomas Millard 24206 9th Battalion Berkshire Regt. Thank you for the date of his wounding. I am still interested in seeing if there is a battalion or regtimental photo with Herbert in. Once again thank you for time in this matter. Shaun

Curator's Comment:

Dear Shaun We have checked the MODES data base and I regret to announce that we do not have any photograph the includes . Yours Aye Michael Cornwell

William and Jayne du Plooy

I have photos of Jayne's recently deceased father in his time with the Conscript ARMY[ca 1951-1953]. Photos are of 55th Training Regiment (Royal Artillery Tom Faunac) 9th Counter Bombardment Staff Troop RA. I am not sure if his unit was attached to the Wiltshire Regiment or not, but I thought you might be interested in his photos at Munsterlager etc. {Please send us an e-mail if you wish for us to supply you with scanned copies]. With very best wishes to you all. PS: Have you thought about using social newtworking Pages such as facebook to raise your profile in the public eye?

Curator's Comment:

Dear William and Jayne. Again thank you for the kind offer of photographs but this time I would sadly have to decline your offer. As Jane's father served in the Royal Artillery may I suggest you try the Royal Artilly Museum that is known as the Firepower Museum. Web Site or email: Yours Aye Michael Cornwell

William and Jayne du Plooy

We previously submitted a comment to the thread details as follows "William and Jayne du Plooy 23-Jul-2010 (12:30pm)" I need to update the records as we have had great assitance from Chris Baker of the research organisation, which pointed to some errors in our previous comments. My wife's Great-Grandfather was (Pte. Henry THOMAS - Serv No. 11121) served in the Wiltshire Regiment (2nd Battalion - 7th Division, 21st Brigade) during the Great War from 3/11/1914, until his being KIA 26/09/1915 at the Battle of LOOS; between VERMELLES towards andnear CITIES ST ELIE - on the second day of enagements. He was born on his father's HIGHFIELD Farm ca 1892, adjacent to TETBURY, Gloucestershire. In 1911 his parents and he lived on the BLUNSDON HILL (HIGHWORTH/SWINDON)where he was an Agricultural Labourer. His detials are with the CWGC website: We now know that he had earned the 1914 Star with Clasp, the British War Medal and the Victory Medal. We have obtained replicas for these untill we can find the originals. We currently have a copy of his Medal Card, a Scanned Copy of a photo of him in his uniform and photos of memorials here in SWINDON Area (Stratton St. Margaret Parish Church of England and Broad Blunsdon War Memorial), if you are interested in these. [Do you have an e-mail account that we can send these to? I am an SPVA Disablement Pensioner and find it difficult to get out and about so e-mail is best - sorry.] We shall be most willing to share any non-copyrighted items with you and also to find out if any copyrighted items may be shared with your museum. [If you wish to ask Chris Baker whom we have received the research from, for the same - please feel free to ask him to ask us to grant permission.] Yours in willing sacrifice for Liberty and Justice. -------------- [Response to Curator's Comment]: William and Jayne, We would certainly be interested in the scanned photos of him, and of his medal index cards. [Please let me know which e-mail address to send these to.] Try searching the Museum's Collection to see if we have images of interest to you. [Roger - will do again]

Curator's Comment:

Dear William and Jane, Thank you very much for posting these details on Jane's Great Grandfather. The email address to send any attachements is Look forward to receiving the information and images. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell

Kay Sparkes

Dear Sir, i am trying to find Pte THOMAS RYDER 16836 Royal Berks Reg. Labour Corp. I have copies of his medal Card but cannot find his service history online as there are so many Thomas Ryders on there. Any help would be gratefully received.

Curator's Comment:

Dear Kay, The recruiting in the First World War had reached such a stage that after raising the Pals or Kitchener Battalions, the men recruited thereafter joined regimetnal Labour Battalions and eventually the Regimental Labour Battalions formed part of the Labour Corps. We have tried our data base and cannot find anything on him; and as you probably know by now very few First World War Service Record survived as they were destroyed in the Second World War. Your may want to think about trying the Musuem of the Royal Logistic Corps as the Labour Corps is a forerunner of the RLC. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell