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Michael Cornwell

This is a test message to see if the work by Datasouth has improved the filtering of junk messages which may been causing the Guestbook Adiministrator additional work by having to declined unwanted and unwarranted entries and then having to delete them from the site

Curator's Comment:

On the face of this entry the work by Datasouth has got rid of the gremlins and the Guestbook now appears to be receiving only bona fide entries

Keith Woolnough

The web photo SBYRW 15863 is mistakenly posted as showing my late uncle, Lt Col G F Woolnough MC A comparison with 19888 appearing beneath it will confirm this as will a glance by any relatives or friends.

Curator's Comment:

Keith, Thank you very much for pointing this out. I know that you will now be aware that the Museum have recitified this error and that the officer in SBYRW 15863 has now be recorded as an "unidentified officer". If other visitors are as obeservant as you good self we may eventually be able to identify the officer in image 15863. Michael Cornwell Guestbook Administator

Cynthia Setter (nee White)

I have been looking in the collection for items relating to my late Father(former RSM F.E."Mick" White,) having given a number of items to the museum last year. I am contacting you with regard to item no. SBYRW:37788, a ticket for the 1948 Olympic Games. The entry re: this item says that it is not clear if my Father, who is referred to as "CSM White" was still serving with the Regiment at that time. I feel I should clarify that point: My Father was, at the time, RSM of the Wilts. National Service training depot at Le Marchant Barracks, Devizes. He had previously been RSM of the 1st Wilts in Burma. (There is a reference to his service in Burma in Neville Kenrick's Regimental hitory at p.168) I know I am being pedantic, but felt I should deal with the point. Best regards to all at the Wardrobe, we visited last year and intend to do so again in Spring. Cynthia Setter.

Curator's Comment:

Dear Cynthia, Thank you for pointing out the anomalies. We will now amend the record for the entry fo SBYRW:37788. It will take a little time as the first thing we will have to do is adjust the the Acession form and the artefact entry form so that we can leave an accurate audit trail. By posting your entry on the guestbook, you have rather brilliantly illustrated one of its main purposes, of allowing those who look at the Collection, via the web site, to point out any inaccuracies in the data. Once again thank you for posting your entry. Michael Cornwell Guest Book Administrator

Zig Misiak

I, Zig Misiak, of Real Peoples History/Canada am the War of 1812 200th Anniversay Chairman of this event for Brantford and Brant County working very closely with our neighbours, the Six Nations, and the Six Nations Legacy Consortium that was formed to represent with one voice the involvements in the 200th Anniversary. Your regiment, the 49th, is of course so key to the war in this part of the world and its relationship, through General Brock, to the Six Nations. Much is going on that will be unveiled at Queenston Heights, Brock's resting place, that will have very positive international consequences. I work with over 500 schools and lecture across Ontario and Canada and am pleased that we can communicate this way, two great countries, in peace, on such a wonderful mile stone in our short history in comparison to yours.

Curator's Comment:

Zig, Thank you for posting your message on the Guest Book. The Museum's Exhibition for 2012 is concentrating on celebrating the 200th Anniversary of Brock's success in Upper Canada. It is very interesting in putting together the information for this exhibition, to discover just how much reliance Brock placed on the co-operation of the Indians. Particularly the League of Six Nations, under the leadership of Teyoninhokovrawen (John Norton) and Ahyonwaeghs (John Brant) and Tecumseh. In addition the support that the Grand River Indians gave later to Lieutenant James FitzGibbons was vital as was the support they gave at Crysler's Farm in 1813. Obviously I don't want to give too much of the Exhibition away in this reply but I would like to thank you for your message of support and the help you have been giving to Bob Scott, our valuable volunteer on this side of the Atlantic. Please pass on to the Six Nations the thanks of the 49th Regiment's successors for the bravery and sacrifices of your ancestors, without which many of the 49th Regiment have not have survived. Michael Cornwell Guest Book Administrator & Team Leader for Brock 2012 Exhibition

Maxine Melson

As per attached. I am the GreatGrandaughter of Capatin J Guise whom I beleive is the brother of the person that you seek. I have a little information both my G Grandfather and my G Uncle Lieuntenant J Guise who died from a motar attck wounds on the date stated below. He is buried in Ypres and I intend to vist June next year so it would be interesting to know bout my G Grandfathers brother too. William du Plooy - 24th Apr 2011 I am taking a long shot here; but want to still ask: Do you have any record of a Captain J. W. Guise whom earned a 1914-15 Star in the 1st WW? Curator's Comment: William, I have made a check of our records and we do not appear to have a Captain J W Guise in eithet the Royal Berkshire Regiment or the Wiltshire Regiment,serving during the First World War. So to try and help you out I went on to www, and did a search of their First World War Medal Index Cards, using all the parameters you gave me. As you say that the man you are looking for was an officer I discounted all those with soldier numbers. The search produced three possible candidates. Firstly Captain J W Guise of 45 Rallray's Sikhs who was only awarded the British War Medal and Victory Medal. Secondly Captain James Guise of the Oxfordshire & Buckinghanshire Light Infantry and later the Worcester Regiment. This officer landed in France in September 1915 and earned the 1914-15 Star, the British War Medal and the Victory Medal. Lastly James Wm Guise a Lieutenant in the Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry who landed in France on 02 February 1917 and is recorded as deceased 19 August 1917. This officer does not appear on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission webt site, so I am assuming that he died of something other than being KIA or dying of his wounds. Interestingly on the back of his Medal card it states that Mrs N Guise applied for the medals on behalf of 2Lt J W Guise and it also has recorded his Next of Kin, Captain J Guise (Father) 51 Payne's Lane, Coventry. We do have a record of a Lieuntenant J Guise serving in the Wiltshire Regiment in 1923, but the photograph shows hm with no medal ribbons. I am afraid that is all that I could find in the short time I could devote to your entry. If perchance I have enabled you to take your search further from the information provided perhaps you would be so kind as to complete am on line donation through our Museum On Line Shop. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell

Curator's Comment:

Maxine, I have taken the action to put your entry on the web site. For you to communicate directly with William Du Plooy I am afraid that the Data Protection Act requires that we gain the permission of both of you before we can provide e-mail addresses for you to contact each other. Rather than doing that via the Guestbook I would request that you email your consent to . Michael Cornwell Guestbook Co-ordinator

Geoff Barrett

I am looking for contacts in Royal Signals who served ib Campbellpur, India at 25th Ind Inf Bgde HQ from 1946 on. If anyone has any infof on both of these friends it would be appreciated Geoff Barrett

piet demeyere

Last Sunday , the 11th of September I visited together with my sons "The Wardrobe" . This is really an astonishing and extremely beautiful museum.We were welcomed at the entrance by a very friendly gentleman who gave us a most interesting introduction to the museum .Time flew by,I could have spent several hours in the exhibition. I wish to thank you all for such a nice experience and hope the museum remains to have a bright future. Kind Regards,Piet Demeyere,Veurne,Belgium.

Curator's Comment:

Dear Piet, Thank you very much for your complimentary comments about the museum and we will pass your commnets on to Ray the volunteer who mans the museum on Sundays. Michael Cornwell Guestbook Co-ordinator

Jay Howe

Excellent site! As a Canadian living in the Niagara area (Fort Erie), and a War of 1812 re-enactor (49th 2nd Coy), it is great to see British Regiments recognizing this war. As you know the 49th was very active (Queenston Heights, Ft. George, Stoney Creek, Beaverdams, Frenchmen's Creek) in Niagara! The local university, located in St. Catharines is "Brock University". Keep up the excellent work!

Curator's Comment:

Jay, Thanks for the entry, you will not be surprised that during 2012 we are putting on a temporary exhibition to Brock and the 49th's involvement in Canada. The exhibition will include sections on Laura Secord, Tecumseh, the Six Nations, Billy Green and the Canadian forces. Michael Cornwell Guestbook Administrator

Bob Chandler

Congratulations on the new look website. Having used the 'soldier search' facility I have found out that my grandfather, Charles Henry Chandler, served as Private no. 4377 with the 3rd Battalion in the 1890s and I have gone on to obtain a copy of his attestation. There is a photo of him in the Collection taken circa 1914/1915 when serving with the National Reserve. I was wondering if the extra information about his previous service could be added to the photo caption? Many thanks Bob Chandler

Curator's Comment:

Bob, From a web site visitors viewpoint you make a valid comment, however please bear in mind that as a relatively small museum we need to generate income additional to our phyiscal visitors to remain viable and to provide the service that we do. Whilst accepting that the additional information would be useful to you the researcher, to implement that facility will take time and manpower resources. Currently the volunteers, who works on the photographic collection, are reproducing digital images of photos in Albums so that each individual image can be added to the Collection on the web site. It may be possible that once that task has been completed to add personal information to that already displayed to the images, however I would suggest that would be a management decision based on their business plan and how such a move may lose the museum income by making information available without raising income. As an accredited museum the managment have to consider ways in which they generate income to remain sustainable. The Trustees spent a not inconsiderable sum upgrading the web site so that we could provide web visitors with an improve service. Don't take this as a rejection of your suggestion, it is one that we will consider. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell Guest Book Administrator

Andy Chaloner

I would just like to say congratulations on the new look website and say how much I am enjoying exploring The Collection and viewing previously unseen images. I am compiling a list and will be ordering them shortly. It is great to see at least one new entry on the news page every week as it keeps us informed, on the previously site I donít believe the news was updated as regular. Keep up the good work and I look forward to checking in for regular updates.

Curator's Comment:

Andy Thank you for the complimentary comments. It will as you have pointed out need to be regularly updated on the news front to retain a degree of currnency. Michael Cornwell Web Site Administrator