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Rita Robinson

Hoping it will be a dry day for Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh visiting you tomorrow on 1st May and I will be thinking.. of them. I am sure they will receive a warm reception at their luncheon and may the happiness of the day last with them forever.... with warmest wishes, Lady Rita Robinson.

Curator's Comment:

Thank you for your guestbook entry and wishes . We believe that the visit to Salisbury went well and an fuller account of the Royal Visit to the Wardrobe can be found on our "Latest News" page. Michael Cornwell Gustbook Administrator

alan bannocks

I would like to contact a rob price,if you can send me any information on how to contact him I would be thankfull.

Curator's Comment:

Alan, We have attempted this once before, so we will try again, but what I will be doing is sending you a separate email providing you with the information and contact details you seek. We are able to do this as in August 2010 we had the requisite permission to pass these details to you. We cannot publish them on the Guestbook as that would make the personal details open to everyone and that is contrary to the Data Prtoection Act. Michael Cornwell Guestbook Adminstrator

Janet Tinley

While browsing through the pictures on your website I noticed that one of the photographers was H.J. Metcalfe, of High Row, Richmond, Yorkshire. He was my grandfather. He moved to Canada in the early 1900's and continued as a photographer here. I never knew him as he died when I was a baby but it is lovely to see his work.

Curator's Comment:

Dear Janet, The fairly extensive photographic archives published on the web are due to the dedicated work of two volunteers, Martin (Mac) Macintyre and Bob Hambling, and they continue to update these records on a regular basis. They will be enormously pleased to see your comments as it proves the worth of their endeavours. Just glad that you found the images. Michael Cornwell, Guestbook Administrator

Cynthia Setter

It was so good to visit The Wardrobe again earlier this month, and to hand to Jackie some further items for the museum. My Husband and I were made so welcome. I was delighted to see a number of my late Father, RSM Mick White's items included in the sporting exhibition---especially his late 1940's /early 1950's hockey shirt(with accompanying medal, photo and certificate) It's amazing how things tucked away in boxes in the family home for years, are eventually of interest. Having stood on the touchline at Le Marchant Barracks, several times a week as a small child, to watch my Daddy play hockey, and rugby and football(yes, often all in the same week!) I found it surprisingly moving to see this shirt on display. Strange what will bring a lump to the throat!!Cynthia Setter.

Curator's Comment:

Cynthia, Thank you for your comments but more importantly thank you for having donated your father's sporting artefacts. Being able to display the items helps us to explain different aspects of a soldier's life, which is part of the museum's role. We are glad that you found the recent visit to the Museum so rewarding. Michael Cornwell Guest Book Adminstrator

shirley Bird

I purchased a photo which had my great grandad in - Qtr master John Hall and in browsing came across a picture of his son in law-Sergeant Major 5656 John W.G. Hammond, Military Medal. I have a photo of Sgt Major Hammond posing with his wife and brother in laws- one of which is my grandad.

Curator's Comment:

Shirley, That goes to show what county regiments are all about and illustrates very clearly what we mean by the family ethos. If you you would like the Museum to show that family photograph just email us a digital image and supply the names of the people in the photograph. Your may find other members of the family contacting you. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell Guest Book Adminstrator.

Sydney Gibson

Very rewarding visit to the site. As a result, I caught up with an old comrade with whom I served in Germany in 1957-58, Donald Boyall, with whom the curator communicated on my behalf. We have since met up. Thank you.

Curator's Comment:

Sydney, It is very rewarding to hear your comments. What would be great is if you and Donald were able to join in on of the Reunions at the Wardrobe. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell Guest Book Adminstrator

Susan Trapmore

I have just looked at your new website and I was so happy to see the items that I had donated from my great uncle George Macnamara. Knowing that many other people can also see these items has greatly pleased me. Carry on the good work.

Curator's Comment:

Dear Susan, Getting a message on the Guest Book like yours is reward itself. The donation of items that you gave enable others to enjoy the benefits as well. Thank you once again for the donations and the comments. Michael Cornwell Guest Book Co-ordinator

Michael Cornwell

This is a test message to see if the work by Datasouth has improved the filtering of junk messages which may been causing the Guestbook Adiministrator additional work by having to declined unwanted and unwarranted entries and then having to delete them from the site

Curator's Comment:

On the face of this entry the work by Datasouth has got rid of the gremlins and the Guestbook now appears to be receiving only bona fide entries

Keith Woolnough

The web photo SBYRW 15863 is mistakenly posted as showing my late uncle, Lt Col G F Woolnough MC A comparison with 19888 appearing beneath it will confirm this as will a glance by any relatives or friends.

Curator's Comment:

Keith, Thank you very much for pointing this out. I know that you will now be aware that the Museum have recitified this error and that the officer in SBYRW 15863 has now be recorded as an "unidentified officer". If other visitors are as obeservant as you good self we may eventually be able to identify the officer in image 15863. Michael Cornwell Guestbook Administator

Cynthia Setter (nee White)

I have been looking in the collection for items relating to my late Father(former RSM F.E."Mick" White,) having given a number of items to the museum last year. I am contacting you with regard to item no. SBYRW:37788, a ticket for the 1948 Olympic Games. The entry re: this item says that it is not clear if my Father, who is referred to as "CSM White" was still serving with the Regiment at that time. I feel I should clarify that point: My Father was, at the time, RSM of the Wilts. National Service training depot at Le Marchant Barracks, Devizes. He had previously been RSM of the 1st Wilts in Burma. (There is a reference to his service in Burma in Neville Kenrick's Regimental hitory at p.168) I know I am being pedantic, but felt I should deal with the point. Best regards to all at the Wardrobe, we visited last year and intend to do so again in Spring. Cynthia Setter.

Curator's Comment:

Dear Cynthia, Thank you for pointing out the anomalies. We will now amend the record for the entry fo SBYRW:37788. It will take a little time as the first thing we will have to do is adjust the the Acession form and the artefact entry form so that we can leave an accurate audit trail. By posting your entry on the guestbook, you have rather brilliantly illustrated one of its main purposes, of allowing those who look at the Collection, via the web site, to point out any inaccuracies in the data. Once again thank you for posting your entry. Michael Cornwell Guest Book Administrator