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Ian Smith

I was looking through the collection photographs the other day and saw one of an unknown soldier of the 2nd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment, taken in South Africa: SBYRW:19760. This man is 1097 Quarter Master Sergeant Arthur Austin Taylor who lived in Chippenham. During my research for a book about the Battalion in South Africa, which is now finished, I made contact with a descendant of his who supplied me with the same photograph. Ian

Curator's Comment:

Dear Ian, Firstly please accept our sincere apologies for the massive delay in responding to your guestbook entry. Since our last Web site update in Dec 2012 we have had a gremlin in the Guest Book Administration page and it has taken until the week ending 12 October 2013 to resolve. Thank you for the information we can now add that to the archives.

Russ Meades

Served in 2 Wessex from Feb 82 - Sept 90. Also did an S-type enganement with 1 DERR. Great to see this web site. For all ex-2 Wessex lads (and lassies for that matter), see the Wessex Reg Facebook page.

Curator's Comment:

Russ, Thanks for the entry. I will certainly go to the Wessex Reg Facebook and take a gander. Could we ask, through the Wessex Reg Facebook, that if any of your subscriber have photographs or archives that they consider letting the Museum having a copy. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell Guest Book Administrator

Ian Williams

You can not believe how chuffed I was to see many photos of my Dad Cpl Bryan Williams DERR. He is no longer with us now but he would have been over the moon to have seen these pictures.

Curator's Comment:

Dear Ian, Glad to see that the museum's collection of photographs of the Regimental personnel included some of you father. We are constantly looking for more images of the Farmer's Boys, and hopefully positive coments like yours will help them keep rolling in. The work of ensuring these images get onto our web site is largely down to one ex DERR member, Mac MacIntyre, one of the ceasless working volunteers of the Wardrobe. If you haven't already done so Ian, spread the news around the family so they can see the images as well. Michael Cornwell, Guest Book Administrator.

jim hickman

Cpl colin (jim) hickman B coy 1st batt. wiltshire regt. Lowu camp H.K. (New Territories) 1950/52 Would be great if anyone remembers me! L/cpl Blanco White, Mucker Moore,Wally Carter,to name but a few. best wishes, Jim

Curator's Comment:

Dear Jim, It is great to see a Guestbook entry from a former Wiltshire Corporal. Lets hope the former colleagues of yours visit the web site, see your entry and try to make contact. Have you tried the Old Comrades Association as another means of tracing any of your former friends in arms? There is a web site run by the RGBW Association that has links with the Regimental Branches, its address is Best of Luck Michael Cornwell Guest Book Administrator

Sheila Hemmings

Dear Micheal,many thanks for your replies, sorry about the duplication! I am coming to the Museum on the 25th of July, Jackie Dryden is very kindly showing me some items to do with my family, If you are there that day it would be nice to meet you. Best Wishes, Sheila

Curator's Comment:

Sheila, 25th being a Wednesday I am usually in from 1130 - 1630. Hope to be able to catch you. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell - Guest Book Administrator

Sheila Hemmings

This is a message for Martin McIntyre, Martin I have sent an email to yourself and Micheal but I don't know what happened as it seems to have disappeared! Anyway I will try again. Thanks for your advice regarding typing my family name into War Diaries, I did so and came up with 15 entries dating from 1915 to 1918, including an entry for Christmas Day 1917 which said that Quartermaster Boshell provided ample fare, pork, beef and plum puddings as well as a supply of beer and cigarettes, I was so proud to read these it brings home that these were real people and he certainly sounds like the man to have on your side! Thanks again, Best Wishes Sheila

Curator's Comment:

Dear Sheila, Just goes to show that persistence is rewarded, each of your messages have got through. By way of explanation which may help other who wish to post an entry, when you send the Guest Book Entry, it gets held in a waiting area within the web site administration element which the public cannot see. Once the Guest Book Administrator has read the entry and then has sufficient details to make a reply he will make the entry of the reply and then authorise the complete Guest Book Entry to appear on the web site. Hope that doesn't sound to complicated. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell - Guest Book Administrator

Sheila Hemmings

Dear Micheal, I have replied to Martins message about the War Diaries and as you will see I had great success in finding entries for W.W.1 It would seem that Quartermaster Boshell was a very important part of the unit and it is very moving to read these accounts. There are 15 of them dating from 1915 to 1918 Best Wishes, Sheila

Curator's Comment:

Dear Sheila, Your absolutely right about the QM being an important element of the Battalion. A good QM menat that the Battalion was provisioned properly and that would have a positive effect on the troops morale. As I mentioned in our first exchange the name Boshell plays an prominent part in the Royal Berkshire Regiment's history in both WW1 and WW2. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell - Guest Book Administrator

Sheila Hemmings

Message for Martin McIntyre, many thanks for your suggestion to look in The War Diaries, I did so and found 15 entries for Major Boshell dating from 1915 to 1918 including one for Christmas Day 1917 which documents Quartemaster Boshell providing ample fare,pork, beef, and plum puddings as well as a good supply of beer and cigarettes. It was lovely to picture the scene, it really brings home that these were real people. Thanks again, Best Wishes Sheila.

Curator's Comment:

Dear Sheila, 'Mac' is currently enjoying a well deserved break in Calgary Canada, though knowing him he may well log on whilst over there to check the Guest Book Messages. Glad that the War Diaries were able to add to you images of Major Boshell as QM during WW1. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell - Guest Book Administrator

Frederick Price

From the three Fredericks, Frederick A Price 20 B Vimy, Paeshendaele, etc Frederick K Price RCAF, 401 squadron 1943-44 Frederick J Price, Canadian Militia, Highland Fusilers, 1969. All the bestb to all and especially the 49th

Curator's Comment:

To the Three Fredericks, Many thanks for your best wish and everyone connected to the Wardrobe reciprocates their best wishes and thoughts to you all, especially in this the 200th Anniversary of Major General Sire Isaac Brock and the 49th playing a role in the survivial of Upper Canada. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell - Guest Book Adminstrator.

Jean Edwards

Hi, I wonder if anyone can remember me, I was the wife of Pte John Edwards, we were stationed in Berlin in 1971-73 and NI, 1973-75. Would love to get in touch with old friends.

Curator's Comment:

Dear Jean, We will certainly publish your entry in the hope that former members of the Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment will get in contact. The better method for you is to go to which is the Old Comrade Association of all those former Farmers Boys who served in the DERR. Your best bet is to register as a user and then publish your message. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell - Guest Book Administrator