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Chris Newnham

Hi Admin, Could you please change the spelling in the poem on: From: A moth-eaten rag, on a worm-eaten pole, It does not look likely to stir a man's sole, 'Tis the deeds that were done 'neath the moth-eaten rag, When the pole was a staff, and the rag was a flag. ďA moth-eaten rag on a worm-eaten pole It does not look likely to stir a man's soul, Read more at As you can see, this error is made many times around the net.

Curator's Comment:

Chris Thank you for pointing the error out I can only assume that the individual who wrote that section did so at lunchtime on a Friday. You may need to be my age to understand that particular comment. it has been amended Michael Cornwell Guest Book Administrator.

Tim Bowers

This is a long shot. On 6th May 2005 Alan Pitcher posted here regarding Pte William Edgar Curnuck. I am researching the Newbridge Mon. War Memorial for the National Museum of Wales. Pte Curnuck is commemorated on the memorial (although his name is incorrect). Is there any way to contact Alan Pitcher as I would very much appreciate a copy of the letter which he mentions. Tim Bowers

Curator's Comment:

Dear Tim Due to Data Protection we obviously cannot give you his email address. However as you have expressed a wish to contact him, I will cut and paste the contents of this entry together with your contact details in an email to him and leave it up to Alan. Here's hoping you both exchange information. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell Guest Book Administrator

wesley ellaway

hello was looking in your collection and came across a picture of my grandfather. is there a chance of buying a copy of this photo it was SBYRW : 9013 he is 2nd guy in John Allan Ellaway 22658324 r. berks. r.

Curator's Comment:

Dear Wesley, There is every chance and it can be done electronically. Go back to the Museum Home Page and just under the Museum's name you will see a Menu Bar, move your cursor on to the "Research" Menu Tab and another menu will drop down. Move your cursor to "The Collection"and then left click. Once on the Collection page, scroll down until you see an entry box which has the word "Keyword" above it. In that box merely type in 9013 and then select search; when the image appears click on it and this time you should see a magnifying glass symbol under the picture. When you get the enlarged version you will see that it has watermarks on it but if you scroll down to the bottom of the enlarged image page you will see an option to order an electronic version or to have it burnt onto a CD. Make your choice then click on "Add to Basket". Once that has been completed you then need to go to the Shop Tab and go through the process of paying for your ordered photograph. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell Guest Book Administrator.

Andrew Radgick

Could you tell me anything about the 12th Battalion, Royal Berkshire Regiment during WWI please, as information on it seems very scarce. What sort of work did it do, and where?

Curator's Comment:

Dear Andrew, I am afraid that the guest book is not a place for answering enquiries; it is a place where visitors to the web site may leave comments on how they found their visit to the Web site. Enquires are answered by submitting an enquiry through the Research Header and there is a charge for answering those enquiries. To save you a little time we will not hold much on12th Battalion the Royal Berkshire Regiment because they became part of the Labour Corps in the Great War. Michael Cornwell Guest Book Adminstrator

David Dallas

I have what I think is a sweetheart pillow from Wiltshire Regiment 62nd and 99th Foot, purchased around 1996 in England. I am in the US now and would like to donate it to you if desired. You have a very good web site.

Curator's Comment:

Dear David, I wonder if it is possible for you to send us an image before we say yes to your kind offer as we have not got a sweetheart pillow; we do have two sweetheart brooches. If you are able to send a digital image to and thank you for your kind comments on the website. Michael Cornwell Guest Book administrator

william sheridan

i just found you website and just getting to know my way around here from what i seen so far it fantastic keep up the super work i got to go now but i be back very soon best of luck to all you people. graphics are very nice. it's a fantstic website super job . WWW.WE.HOBBIESANDCRAFTS.NET

Curator's Comment:

William, Thank you for your comments and support, we are basically here to provide as much of a service as we can. Michael Cornwell, Guest Book Administrator

Emma Barnett

My family came to visit on 2nd November 2013 to see the boxing belt that my Grandad won whilst serving in the 4th Wiltshire Regiment. Your staff couldn't have been more friendly or helpful. They took the belt out of the cabinet for us to look at and take photo's. This was a really special moment for all of us especially my dad. I can't thank you all enough. Fantastic museum with lots of interesting facts and things to see. Thank you again.

Curator's Comment:

Dear Emma, Thank you for your positive comments, but it was the least we could do, the artefact in question was won by your grandfather was serving as a member of the Regiment and County Infantry Regiments have always regarded its members, past and present as members of the Family, in this case a Regimental Family. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell Guest Book Adminstrator


The Villages of Aston Upthorpe and aston tirrold in oxfrodshire 9 was Berkshie) are just starting a project to find out more on their war dead. one of whom George Richard CLACY of the Royal Berkshire Regiment appears to have been one of five unfortunate men who died whilst still on active service in Flanders when they were overcome with fumes after blocking up all the drafts in the house they were sleeping in . they are buried in Desnie Churchyard. I am fascinated to know more about why they were there? what was their mission and especially if any of George CLACY's existing family have any pictures of him they could share with our history group please?

Curator's Comment:

Dear Judy, Your entry is really an enquiry and would be one that to provide an answer we would raise a charge. However I have posted your entry so that if any subscriber to the guestbook can provide the answer they may do so, though they will have to contact me initially to obtain your contact details. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell, Guest Book Adminstrator

Martin McIntyre

INFORMATION FOR MR WESTON IN AUSTRALIA. Regarding your previous message, if you already haven't done so, put the name WESTON in the name box in COLLECTION on this site and you will pick up five items of interest to you in relation to this soldier. Cheers MAC

Tony Weston

My distant relative is Albert Percy Weston, he served in 7th Btn Wiltshire Regiment Private 12298 do you have any information I can purchase? Regards - Tony Weston - Perth, Western Australia

Curator's Comment:

Tony, As the Guest Book Administrator I am authoring the posting of your entry whilst I am away from the Museum. I will not be in the museum until Wednesday (30 Oct) but will check to see if we have any personal information and will then email you with any findings. Michael Cornwell Guest Book Adminstrator