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Curator's Comment:

Terence Your father's full service record, which would hold the type of details you are talking of, are still held by the Army. You need to write to the following: Historic Disclosures, Mail Point 400, Army Personnel Centre, Kentigern House, 65 Brown Street, Glasgow, G2 8EX. When you write include all the details you have provided on this guestbook entry. Also include a copy of the passport page with you photograph if you have one. Explain whether or not you are the nearest Next of kin, if you are they may provide the information gratis, if not they will charge you for it. Please bear in mind that the Army Personnel Centre's prime responsibility is for adminstering the present day serviceman and theri dependents, so this will not be as important to them as it is to you.

Alan Fereday

I have only just read a request from Bjorn Fredriksson dated 2008 regarding information about my late father Leslie Fereday, Bandmaster Wiltshires 1947 to 1961. I have sent a reply to an email that may be out of date. Could my contact details be forwarded please. sales@feredaycars.co.uk 01276 21007 07796 298361

Curator's Comment:

Alan, I doubt if the email address we have is any different that the one you used, but I will check and if it is different I will forward your email address on. In the meantime we have to hope that publishing this guestbook entry will either be brought to Bjorn attention or that he finds it himself. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell

Paul Harris

Just a postscript to my submission yesterday re Leslie Threadgill, in my excitment I forgot to give my e-mail address in case anybody would like to contact me directly. It is...prharris25@aol.com.... I live near Petersfield in Hampshire these days. Paul.

Curator's Comment:

Paul, I hope that you get someone responding. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell

Paul Harris

This is a wonderful find. Leslie Threadgill was my father. He married my mother (Madge Baker) circa 1944 but sadly they were later divorced. Much respected by the Baker family, I had the privilege to meet him just once. I realise that this post is a little old but in the hope that he is still with us (and without wishing to stir up any family matters) I would like to pass on my sincerest best wishes to somebody who would have made a wonderful father to me. My mother died in 1970. Kind regards, Paul.

Curator's Comment:

Paul, I apologise that it has taken me a little time to authorise the posting of this entry. Glad that the find produced a good result. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell

Richard Kinloch -Rollins

I was at Colston's Preparatory School in the 1970s and had Capt. Rapsey as my RE teacher. Subsequently I moved on to the Upper School and joined the CCF and I still have my front and back cap badges which have the Spinx on and 'Gloucesters'.

Curator's Comment:

Richard, Glad to hear that you have retained the Glosters Regimental Badge and Back Badge from your CCF days. Unfortaunately by coming to our web site you have posted your message on the Guest Book of the Musuem dedicated to the Infantry Regiments of the counties of Berkshire and Wiltshire. So whilst the RGBW is part of our antecedent history from 1994 onwards, prior to that year we deal with the Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment, The Royal Berkshire Regiment, The Wiltshire Regiment and the Regiments of Foot associated with those antecedent regiments I suggest that you go to the website www.glosters.org.uk select the page entitled "Forum" and post your message. If you have any problems finding their web site, use our useful links page and select "Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum". Hope you get some response, possibly from Capt Rapsey. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell

Derek Stockall

24177149 Pte Stockall A Coy and Support Coy 1 DERR, has anyone got any pictures from the Investiture when Prince Charles got crowned as the Prince of Wales or arriving in Canada in Hercs and piped off the plane by the P.P.C.L.I.?

Curator's Comment:

Derek, Hopefully someone who can either help or has any such images may see your request and get in contact. Have you thought of googling P.P.C.L.I to see if you can get an email contact and asking them directly? In the meantime will check our archives for you. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell

A Heath

Dear Sir Ref photo ref PO13728. I thought you might like to amend your records. I was one of the soldiers in this photograph. It was the Armistice Day Parade 1978 (not 1979) at Compiegne, commemorating 60 years since the signing of the Armistice. In 1979 we had just returned from Tour of Duty in N Ireland. Yours Anthony Heath

Curator's Comment:

Anthony, Thank you for updating us on this image and giving us the correct date, we will obviously amend the date on our record. Nice to see a Farmers Boy keeping in contact with the Museum. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell

Fiona Crowther

I have been researching the names on the war memorial in Salisbury United Reformed Church. Many of them served with the Wiltshire Regiment in WW1. Having the War Diaries available online was very useful and interesting as it allowed us to see what the men were facing. Can I suggest that it would be useful if you could page through the diaries on a daily basis moving either to "next entry" or "previous entry" rather than having to go back and select all the criteria every time you do a search. It would make it easier to read whole sections of them.

Curator's Comment:

Dear Fiona, Thank you for your suggestion and may I assure you that we have given it consideration. As an independent museum we rely on what additional income we can make from our shop sales and a reasonable slice of that comes from the sales of the war diaries themselves. Should we make it easier to see large sections of the War Diaries it would seriously impact on our sales. The intention of the War Diary pages on the web site are to show visotors the potential avaiable from purchasing the complete diary. I appreciaite this will not be the answer you are seeking, however there is a business reason behind our rationale. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell

David Haycock

I have been researching my grandad who served with the 2/7th worcs regt 2724 & 200778 in ww1 & came across a photo of him with 6 other pals at an unknown barracks i dont know any of the others in the photo but what i have noticed is that one of the lads in the photo has got to be one of the men in a postcard of the 1st battalion of the wiltshire regiment going up the front on the 28th of June 1916, he is the one in the foreground with his hat held highest looking back at the camera. Could anybody help me in putting a name to his face, did he survive the war & why would he be in a photo with worcs regt soldiers (the regt cap is laid out on the ground). If anybody is interested i could send you the photo and you could make your own comparision. Thanks, Dave.

Curator's Comment:

David, From your description I imagine that you are talking of our Museum Record Number 31839. The entry for that record does not attribute any names to any one; however I will try one of the more experienced volunteers, who is devoting most of his spare time to the photographs research, to see if he can recognise the individual. The alternative is to email us with a copy of your photogrpah to see if that can help us unravel the mystery. I hope that helps in a small way. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell

Ashley Hales

Hello, I wondered what information you may have regarding a James Cowley 204633. He was my great uncle and was KIA in 1918. Regards

Curator's Comment:

Ashley, We can tell you what First World War Medals he was entitled to, we can also tell you the he was orginally in another regiment and we believe we can tell you what his regimental number for that regiment was. From the war diary of the battalion he was serving we can provide a description of the action that day and preceeding days. As you will appreciate small military museums, such as ours, we use their resources to generate a small amount of income to ensure we can keep going. If you were to click on to the Enquiry page and scroll down to the bottom of that page you can find out how to submit an on line equiry by donating 15.00. Yours Aye Michael Cornwell